How to log an accessibility issue

Every issue in our JIRA accessibility project has the fields outlined below (required fields marked with an asterisk). Some of the fields also have an in context help that can be accessed by clicking on the yellow question mark icon.


Provide a brief description that describes the issue.

Issue Type*

There are 8 different types of issues that you can use, explained below:

Bug An accessibility problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product
New Feature A new accessibility feature that would has not yet been developed.
Task An accessibility task that needs to be done.
Improvement An improvement or enhancement that would make content or functionality even more accessible.
User Story One or more sentences that captures what a user wants to achieve with a specific technology product (see User story for more information on user stories).
Question Questions for not related to an issue not currently in JIRA.
Test Case For a describing a specific use case that needs to be tested.
Epic For really big user stories that need to be broken down.

Security Level

The default here is "Public" which should be fine in most instances. If the issue is on page that you have to be logged into see, you can also mark it with "Login Required". If you don't know, then just leave it at "Public".


The default priority status is "Major", feel free to leave it there if you are unsure of what the priority should be. Here are the options:

Blocker Used for issues where time sensitive, essential content or functionality is not accessible and is not available in another format.
Critical Used when access to important functionality or content is not accessible.
Major Used for issues where content or functionality is not accessible.
Minor Used where there may be an accessibility inconvenience that can easily be worked around.
Trivial Used for small issues that have little impact on the user experience.

Due Date

Ignore this field.


Because this issue coverts so many websites, we will use the Components field to mark what site or site section the issue pertains to. A list of current components is available within JIRA. If there is no component that applies to your issue, mark it as "Other" and new components wil be created as needed.

Story Points

Ignore this field.

Affects Version/s

Ignore this field.

Fix Version/s

Ignore this field.


Unless you want to assign this to yourself or you are a project manager, leave this blank. To assign it to yourself, simply click "Assign To Me" to the right of the dropdown.


This is you, unless you are doing it for someone else.


This is where you can list any specific information about the technology you are using that is applicable to the issue. Examples would include what operating system, browser, screen reader or other assistive technology. Add the version where appropriate.


When filling out the issue, please be as descriptive as possible and where useful, reference the appropriate WCAG Guideline.

Original Estimate

Ignore this field.


If you have a screen shot or an audio file that demonstrates the problem, attach it here.


Don't worry about this field unless you are a project manager


Labels can be used as a way to describe or categorize content. (Additional documentation needed on how these will be used)


Any additional information that was not included above.

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