Http Console

Http Console

The WAMulator listens on a minimum of two ports. Due to the attribute names on the <config> element by which they are configured, these are known as the proxy port and the console port. As explained on the SSO Environment Simulator page, the proxy port implements the WAM environment fronting the website that you are simulating while the console port exposes a number of features specific to the WAMulator including its Http Console. Connections to either port is subject to restrictions of the declared or implicit <port-access> policy. You are always able to connect to the console port from the same physical box that is running the WAMulator. If you connect to the console port with a browser and do not include any path, the console port is wired to redirect to the Users & Sessions tab of the Http Console as shown in the image at right. Click on the image for a closer view.

As shown in the image, the console port in this instance is running on port 1776. The Http Console includes the following three tabs:

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