Quick connect to IRC using a web browser. Discussion and Technical channel:,%23ldstech

The LDSTech Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a group chat room for anyone involved in the LDSTech community. You can monitor exchanges, post to the group, or talk exclusively to specific users. All conversations are archived, so people who missed the conversations can review the logs and catch up. Additionally, you can get real-time support from LDSTech technical leads who are almost always on IRC.

IRC provides a means of communication for your projects in real-time, so if you’re working on a project, get logged in and stay logged in to the LDSTech channel on IRC.

Viewing IRC logs

Public logs for the #ldstech channel can be found at Because the IRC channel is logged publicly, do not show passwords or other internal information in the channel.

Connecting to IRC

You can connect to IRC in several ways, but the preferred way is through a third-party IRC client. You can do a quick connect through a browser interface, or you will see how to connect using the IRC client XChat.

Quick connect to IRC using a web browser

This is quick, but doesn't have the best end user experience. To connect to the ##lds and #ldstech channels from a web browser, go to,%23ldstech.

The disadvantage of connecting through a web browser is that some interactive functionality is limited. It’s easy to accidentally close the session. Since every time you join or leave it is noted on the logs, try to avoid closing and reopening your session.

Connecting to IRC using HexChat

HexChat (formerly XChat, X-Chat or xchat) is a third-party, cross-platform (Windows/Linux) IRC client that some community members prefer. It works in the background in real time, so you won’t accidentally close the session like you might with a web browser. With HexChat, you view current users, ongoing comments, and you can easily initiate conversations with specific users. Official HexChat builds are completely free where as the older XChat builds were not free on Windows.

To connect to IRC through HexChat:

  1. Download and install HexChat.
  2. Start HexChat. You’ll see the Network List page. If not, go to HexChat > Network List or View > Network List.
  3. In the User Information section, type the nickname information you want.
  4. On the list of Networks, select FreeNode.
  5. Click Edit. The Edit FreeNode window appears. In the Favorite Channels section, type #ldstech. Then click Close.


  6. TimRiker recommends changing the servername from to and setting "Use SSL for all servers on this network" as well as "Accept invalid SSL certificate" as the certificate might not be trusted on your machine. More information on Freenode IRC Servers, [1], [2].
  7. TimRiker also recommends registering your nickname with NickServ and setting the "Server Password" to "<username>:<password>" as described in the FreeNode FAQ page.
  8. Click Connect.*

Connecting to IRC while on the Church corporate network

*Note: If you are connecting from within the Church corporate firewall or through VPN, the connection will be refused. You must connect through a proxy. You will need to disable this proxy setting when you are outside the church network and not on vpn. Follow these steps if your connection is refused:

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences.
  2. In the left, under Network, select Network setup.
  3. In the Hostname field, type
  4. In the Port field, type 80.
  5. In the Type drop-down box, select HTTP.


  6. Click OK.


  1. Make sure you have a sound file under Settings > Preferences > Chatting > Sound > Beep.
  2. Turn on Make a beep sound on: for Private Messages and Highlighted Messages under Settings > Preferences > Chatting > Alerts.

Talking to a specific user

In XChat, to establish a dialogue with a specific user, right-click the user’s name and select Open Dialog Window.

Viewing Subversion commits and wiki edits

In XChat, you can join additional channels by going to Server > Join a Channel. Another relevant channel is #ldstech-commits. This channel used to automatically display commit information each time someone uploads code to SVN or makes changes on the LDSTech wiki. The CIA-* bot provided live streaming updates of subversion commits and wiki edits. More information on these live logs could be found on As CIA has been shutdown, this is not happening at present. We hope a similar service becomes available in the future.

General Discussion

  1. ldstech should be used primarily for project related discussion. There are channels on FreeNode and other IRC networks for just about any topic you can think of. ##lds on FreeNode can be used for Church related conversation whether technology related or not. This channel is also logged, so don't say anything you would not want repeated at a later date.

Registering your nickname

Each time you connect to IRC, you must select a nickname and several alternates in case others are already using the nickname. You can actually register a nickname on Freenode so that others can't use it. This ensures that you can use the same nickname each time.

To register your nickname:

  1. Connect to Freenode and go to any channel, such as the #ldstech channel.
  2. Type /msg NickServ help in the chat window.

The bot will reply with more details.

Other IRC clients

Other popular IRC clients include the following:

More information

For more information about IRC, see

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