Information Change Request

An Information Change Request should be submitted for leaders in the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders when new leaders are called or when contact information changes for existing leaders.

Newly called leaders

For some positions (such as a stake president), information on newly called leaders will be submitted by the authority who presided over the change. But for other positions (such as stake clerk), the unit is responsible for submitting the change.

For new leaders, do not submit the change request ahead of time. Wait until the new leader has been sustained and set apart in his new calling.

Submitting changes

A change to directory information (for a newly called leader) or a change in contact information (for an existing leader) is submitted as an Information Change Request. This can be done in through MLS, or through a paper Information Change Request form.


MLS 3.0 screen shot

Beginning with MLS 3.0, a stake can submit an Information Change Request through MLS.

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