Internet Streaming (Family Safety)

Most television content providers now allow viewing their content over the internet. This means it can be viewed without a cable or satellite subscription and without even a TV. There are also numerous places to view independently made videos. As with the internet in general this is good and bad.

TV & Video streaming

Many popular internet TV and Video streaming services exist like Netflix and Hulu. These services allow you to stream over the internet a huge library of TV shows and movies. Some are accessed via a paid subscription and some can be viewed free of charge. Many of the mainstream content providers of TV shows allow you to go to their website for a few days after a show has aired and watch it streamed from their website. YouTube allows access to all types of videos.

Tips & Suggestions

As with all these capabilities there are some great uses these can be used for. You can even get BYUtv programs in this fashion. Internet Filters can help you block a lot of this content.

  • If choose to use a subscription service to get some of this content setup parental controls. Some of these services can be access via the internet, internet TVs (as an app on the TV), and via mobile devices.
  • Use your internet filter to block sources which do not have parental controls.

Music streaming

Almost any type of music can now be streamed over the internet via popular internet sites. These sites allow you to put in types of music you like and they will, for free, stream music that matches your suggestions over the internet to listen to. Most of these are free services and as such provide no parental controls outside of blocking the site entirely.

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