The Interaction Framework (IxF) is used to quickly build out web applications by having a good and consistent style, commonly used widgets and an easy way to implement those widgets right out of the box. This is an open source project on so that the open web community can contribute and enhance this framework.

IxF is the first open source project for the LDS Church. Therefore, we hope that this pilot project will be successful and will blaze the trail for future open source projects at the LDS Church. The more people in the open web community we can get to contribute to the project, the more success we will have and the more likely other open source projects will be initiated.

If you or anyone you know in the open web development community would like to get involved and help improve IxF, take a look at the official website and the Github repository.

If you are unfamiliar with git, Github, forking a repo, or doing a pull request, this would be a great opportunity to learn!

Ways to Contribute

  • Usability Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Documentation
  • Report Issues
  • Submit Enhancement Requests
  • Fix Bugs
  • Implement Enhancements

Set Up

Before contributing to this project, please do the following:

  • Become familiar with IxF

If you are a developer or QA engineer, please also do the following:

  • Install Node.js on your laptop. If you are using Windows, make sure you add the directory to node.exe and npm.exe to your PATH system property.

If you are a developer, please also do the following:

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