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Here are some examples of how you can refine your search terms to find what you are looking for on Search.

Advanced search queries

When you search for something on, you can use advanced search parameters to return results of what you're looking for.

Find materials by format

Search term examples:

  • "conference faith" – finds conference talks on faith.
  • "scriptures faith" – finds scriptures on faith.
  • "magazines faith" – finds magazine articles on faith.
  • "manuals faith" – finds manual chapters on faith.
  • "video faith" – finds videos on faith.

Find articles from Church Publications

Search term examples:

  • "Ensign faith" – This search term finds Ensign articles on faith.
  • "Friend faith" – This search term finds Friend articles on faith.
  • "Liahona faith" – This search term finds Liahona articles on faith.
  • "New Era faith" – This search term finds New Era articles on faith.

Finding Material for a Specific Audience

Search Term Examples:

  • "audience:aaronic faith" – This search term finds material for the Aaronic Priesthood on faith.
  • "audience:melchizedek faith" – This search term finds material for the Melchizedek Priesthood on faith.
  • "audience:primary faith" – This search term finds material for the Primary on faith.
  • "audience:relief-society faith" – This search term finds material for the Relief Society on faith.
  • "audience:young-women faith" – This search term finds material for the Young Women on faith.

Using Boolean Operators, NEAR Operators, and phrase searches.

  • Surround your search term with quotation marks to find an exact phrase. For example: "Laying On of Hands" or "Word of Wisdom."
  • Type "OR" to find search results containing either one of your search terms. For example, you may type: baptism OR holy ghost.
  • Type "AND" to find both words in each search result. For example you may type: baptism AND holy ghost.
  • Type a minus (-) sign in front of words you do not want in your search results. For example, you may type: baptism –"holy ghost".
  • Type NEAR to find words near each other in each search result. Add a slash (/) and a number to specify the maximum distance between the two words. For example, you can type: faith NEAR baptism. You can also type: faith NEAR/6 baptism.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search helps you restrict your search to the materials you most need. You may access advanced search from any page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the search bar. Then click "Advanced Search" underneath the search bar.

Click Advanced Search to see more search options.
The Advanced Search has a lot of options to perform more robust searches.

Recommended Results

Recommended results appear on the right side of the search page. They are handpicked results populated from your search terms.

Recommended Results appear in the right column.


While on the search page, you may narrow your results using the filters on the left side of the page. Click on the filter to use it. As you use one filter, another layer of filters will appear.

You can narrow your search results with a variety of filters that dynamically appear with your search results.

Related Topics

A list of topics related to your search term appears at the bottom of the search page. Click a related term to view search results for that term.

Related topics appear below your search terms.

Searching for Scriptures

Searching for specific scripture reference will take you directly to the verse in the scriptures on You must type the reference in the typical format of book chaper:verse. For example: 1 Nephi 3:7 or Luke 2:10-12.

You can type a scripture book and verse to go to it directly.

Study by Topic

You may also locate information in the alphabetical Study by Topic feature of Access Study by Topic in Menu > Study by Topic. Select a topic from the list to see a collection of scriptures, talks, and other materials discussing that topic.

You can see a list of topics by clicking Study by Topic.
Study by Topic provides a lot of information about each topic.
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