Tech community contact information

This page lists the persons you should contact if you have questions related to community projects.

Purpose Contact
General questions
Church service missions
Tech Wiki Alan Brown, Tim Riker
Tech forum RussellHltn, Alan Brown, Mikerowaved
Project leaders for specific projects Click Projects, and then click the Projects subtab. Browse to the project you want and click the project name. See the person listed as the Project Manager & Contact.
iOS mobile apps Stephan Heilner
Blackberry mobile apps Hal Rushton

Local unit application questions

If you have a question about a local unit application, such as calendar, directory, maps, MLS, or a similar local unit product, post your question on the Tech Forum. The Church's IT department is a large organization, with many different teams and groups. Your best chance for getting help with a local unit application is to post it in the appropriate subforum in the Tech Forum, which various teams monitor.

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