LDS Account Help

This page provides the current status of the LDS Account Help project and information to help volunteers get started.

Project description

LDS Account is one of the most widely used Church products. Hundreds of thousands of people have an LDS Account, both members of the Church and people not of our faith. As a result, LDS Account results in a high number of support tickets created at the Global Service Center (GSC). The purpose of this project is to write updated help material for users of LDS Account for the upcoming redesigned version.

As a result of this project, LDS Account users will have access to more information to help them quickly resolve their problems without a call to the GSC, which in turn increases the GSC’s capacity to support other Church products. We are looking for volunteers who can help develop quality content for LDS Account users and test the new version of LDS Account.

Thanks for your help with this project. Please let Ben Minson (project lead) know at any time if you have a question about the project, either as a message to the discussion group or to Ben directly.

Project status

We have access to an external test version of LDS Account 5.0 here: Note that this URL is for use only for this project and is not intended as a public beta test. You can experiment with your own LDS Account at this URL, and it will not affect your real LDS Account because it’s a test site with a different database.

All help topics in the initial scope are being prepared for inclusion in the LDS Account online help. The edits to the e-mail notifications are being reviewed. We hope to be adding some testing tasks or other kinds of tasks in the near future.

We're done with the writing tasks for now. Once the new LDS Account site goes live, we'll keep an eye on the usage of the help topics and the help desk's articles to see if we're helping to lighten the GSC's load. Late this year, we'll reassess and determine whether we need to add content to the LDS Account help. If so, I'll create more writing tasks for the team to tackle.

Project scope

The LDS Account development team is interested in using this LDSTech project to provide volunteers with the opportunity to test the new version of the website. We hope to be adding tasks to the JIRA site for testing particular workflows. I'll keep our team posted on what happens with this.

We're done with the first round of writing.

How to get involved

First, click Join on the project page to add your name to the list of project members. By default, your role is "observer." When you join the project, Ben will contact you by e-mail. Please respond with a little information about yourself and how you would like to contribute to the project.

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