LDS Mobile Android - Developer Setup

The following is instructions on setting up a developer environment to work on LDS Mobile Android applications


Download and Install the following (if you don't already have them)

Set up your environment


  • Create/Edit ~/.pam_environment
JAVA_HOME=<path to java7 sdk>
JDK_HOME=<path to java7 sdk>
ANDROID_HOME=<path to android sdk>
  • Edit ~/.bashrc (Add the following)
  • 64 bit Linux

Android requires 32bit libraries to run the emulator and adb. To do this on Ubuntu or other Debian distributions do the following:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  • Intel virtualization support
    1. Verify that you are running a Intel Processor
    2. Check for Virtualization support on your CPU (if result is 0, then there is no support / or not yet enabled in the bios)
egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo


  • Create/Edit /etc/launchd.conf
setenv ANDROID_HOME <path to android sdk>
setenv JAVA_HOME /Library/Java/Home
  • Restart the Mac


  • Open Environment Variables dialog
  • Under System Variables select 'New'


  • For the Variable name insert
  • For the Variable path put the
    path to android sdk


  • Repeat for variables:
JAVA_HOME : <path to java7 sdk>
  • Find 'Path' system variable and click edit.


  • Append the following to the end of the Variable value:


  • Make sure there is a semi-colon preceding %JAVA_HOME%
  • Restart your system.

Set up Android SDK

  • Launch $ANDROID_HOME/tools/android
  • Install the following:
    • Android SDK Tools
    • Android SDK Platform-tools
    • Latest Android API (example Android 4.4 (API 19))
    • Extras > Android Support Library
    • Extras > Google USB Driver (Windows ONLY)


  • For Windows users, you may have to download USB drivers for your device. Please see your device's manufacturer's website for instructions to install these drivers.

How to build projects

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