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LDS Tools for Android is a program to allow members to view their local unit and local stake information on their mobile phones. Using the LDS Tools application, users can see local leadership, find individuals phone numbers and addresses, see stake and unit calendar events (future enhancement), and plot addresses on a map.

Project status

Production release

Android market

LDS Tools is now available on the Android Play Store and the Amazon AppStore. You can install the app on an Android device by scanning the QR code shown on the right or by searching for LDS Tools in the Android Play Store (formerly Android Market).

Latest stable version:

BETA Releases

In the next couple weeks LDS Tools will be releasing an update that will contain all of the reports that the iOS version of LDS Tools has. If you would like, you can become a BETA tester and try/test out these new reports/features now. To do this, do the following:

  1. Get rights to the BETA. Join the "LDS Tools BETA" Google+ Group by clicking on the following URL (simply joining the group will give you rights to the BETA):
  2. Click on the following URL to become a BETA Tester (follow the instructions on the page)
  3. Go to the Google Play Store on your device and you should see an new update for LDS Tools (this IS the new BETA)

At anytime you can go back to the last PRODUCTION version by uninstalling LDS Tools from your device, going to the BETA page (, then click on "Leave the test", then reinstall LDS Tools from the Google Play Store.

Key project information

Issue tracking


Google Group

We have a google group to discuss the development of LDS Tools. Only members of the group can see the posts you will need to request access and get it granted before you can search the group or talk on the group.

It's here.


To suggest an enhancement or feature for LDS Tools, please send an email to

A list of enhancements we are working on can be found on our known issues page

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