LDS Tools for iPhone - Known Issues

This page is devoted to the LDS Tools for iPhone Application. Here we post problems about the application, directory service and other information to help you troubleshoot problems you are seeing. If you find a bug that is not documented here, please feel free to contact with your bug report.

Current Status

Version 2.0 is available as of May 7, 2012. Please install version 2.0.

If you receive an error that says "Unit Identifier" or "No Unit Number", it may be because the Church servers that LDS Tools downloads from recently made a change that returns this error when your password is wrong. Please double-check your password and verify that you can log on at

Please note that if you cannot log in to, LDS Tools will fail to log in and download your information.


Below are just a few simple steps you can do to try and figure out what might be the cause of the issue you are seeing.

No Unit Number

If you receive an error that says "Unit Identifier" or "No Unit Number", it is because the Church servers that LDS Tools downloads from recently made a change that returns this error when your password is wrong. Please double-check your password and verify that you can log on at

If your password has certain characters such as an ampersand, you may also see this problem. You may need to change you password at Special characters will work in the next version of LDS Tools. (This is fixed in version 1.2 which is available now.)

Please note that if you cannot log in to, LDS Tools will fail to log in and download your information.


In version 1.1 you may see see entries in your lists that say "Missing from last data sync". This is caused by an entry in your list for a member whose record has been transferred out of your stake/district. You will only see this for entries of people that moved from your stake/district prior to your first download using version 1.1.

You will have to manually delete these records (swipe the line in your list to delete). This is a left over database corruption that was causing version 1.0.8 to crash.

People who appear in lists CORRECTLY AFTER a download with version 1.1 or later, and whose records are moved out AFTER you have downloaded with version 1.1, will automatically be cleaned up from the list so that you will not see entries labeled "Missing from last data sync" in your lists.

Verify LDS Account

The first step in finding out the source of the problem you see is to verify that your LDS Account is working properly. You can visit: to verify your login details, and verify your name, email and various amounts of information. The login username / password that you can login to at this website, are the same combination you will use in LDS Tools.

Verify directory

LDS Tools gets the membership and leadership data from the same source as the online Church Directory. Please go to: and ensure you can log in and see your stake directory. If you have an error trying to log in to that site, LDS Tools will fail to download your information. If after a successful log in, you find a member who should not be showing up, or a calling that is incorrect you should contact your Ward Clerk to make the change in MLS. If members have selected to keep their contact information private, they will not be shown in the directory.

In some areas, by default, members personal information will not be visible to other members of their stake/district until they choose to share it (opt in). The default opt in/out state for member information is determined by Area Presidencies.

When changes are made to MLS, the change will be visible online after 1 day. So wait patiently to see the changes propagate to the various systems. Remember that only standard callings will show up in the application and online, so be sure your ward clerk is using standard callings whenever possible.

Please note that information in LDS Tools is not updated automatically, so after issues are corrected on, you will need to reload your Stake data. You can do so by tapping on "Setup" on the bottom right corner of the screen and then tapping on the "Download" button. Your LDS Account User Name and Password entered when you first ran the application for now will be entered into their respective fields.

Remove and Re-Install

Some problems in LDS Tools are the result of corruption of the database. The development team has found and fixed a number of these problems. Corruption problems require you to remove and re-install LDS Tools. We have seen some people have corruption causing the inability to tap on any tab bar button, crashing when viewing lists where members have moved out, and the inability to login and download data at all. Here are the steps you can do to remove and re-download the application. After you do this, the application should work...

  1. Tap and hold the LDS Tools icon on your home screen. The application will begin to wiggle, and tap the black "X" in the top left of LDS Tools
  2. Tap the home button (round button beneath the display screen) to stop your apps from wiggling.
  3. Reboot your device (Hold top button of iOS device down for 5 seconds, and slide to power off) - We have found that it takes up to 60 seconds for the underlying system to delete the cached files. The only way to ensure all is cleared is to reboot after deleting LDS Tools
  4. Power on the device
  5. Tap the "App Store" icon, and tap search at the bottom, and search for "LDS Tools"
  6. Install LDS Tools
  7. Attempt to login and sync your data for the first time...

Please ensure you don't plug in and sync with iTunes until you have done all of the above with the device. This will ensure the corrupted database will not get re-synced and cause the same problems you were having in the first place.

Calendar not downloading

If you stake is using the new improved calendar, then you should be able to download those calendar items in LDS Tools. The calendar is NOT updated when you hit the download button on the setup screen. When you navigate to the calendar page, the calendar attempts to sync up the first time. For some stakes, this could take 45 seconds or more. Just stay on this screen, and you should see them eventually download. In order to "update" the calendar items, pull down the events screen until you see a notice to release to refresh. It will update the calendar. This allows you to update the calendar separate from the directory. If you find the date at the top of your calendar is a few weeks behind, just pull down and resync. LDS Tools syncs yesterday, and then 6 months in the future.

If calendars are missing, go to and verify that you are subscribed to all your calendars.

Detailed steps

If you have verified that all is correct, and you are having a problem not listed here, please e-mail detailing the steps needed to reproduce the problem. That will help aid us in finding out what is going on.

We would love to also receive a crash report if possible. (When the app "crashes" it simply closes unexpectedly.) Here are the steps needed to get us one.

iPhone / iPad Crash Reports

If LDS Tools crashes (suddenly exits unexpectedly), you will likely see a message the next time you start LDS Tools asking if you would like to send a crash report. Sending a crash report sends no data. It only sends information about the code that was executing when the crash occurred. Sending crash reports helps the LDS Tools development team identify and fix these errors in future releases.

Known issues by version

Issues in 1.1

  • If your password has a special character in it such as +, &, etc. the password will not work. The app doesn't encode those right in 1.1, this has been fixed in 1.2, and will be released when 1.2 is complete.
  • Lists and edits are lost if you receive the message that you have not downloaded for 30 days, and you must download again to continue using LDS Tools,

the download creates a fresh copy of the data and your lists and edits are lost. This is fixed in version 1.2 and will be released when 1.2 is complete.

Issues in 1.0.8

  • App closes when you go to "My Lists". We have found that this happens after an update if someone in one of your lists has had their records transferred out your stake or district. This problem is fixed in version 1.1 (Soon to be released.)
  • When you attempt do download, an error appears that says "There is a problem with your LDS Account." This may be caused by different things. The soon to be released version 1.1 will fix some of the causes of this problem. It will also provide more detailed information about the problem, and what to do about it.
    • Try to log in to to determine if your LDS Account is working. If you cannot log in to the web page, LDS Tools will also fail to log in to download you data.
    • Close the app, and force it to terminate. To force it to terminate,
      • Double press the "Home" button on your device (the round button beneath the display).
      • When you see a row of application icons appear at the bottom of the screen, press and hold the LDS Tools icon until it begins to wiggle.
      • Tap the red circle containing a white hyphen that is positioned on the top left corner of the LDS Tools icon. This will terminte LDS Tools. (It will not remove it from your device).
      • Press the home button again to stop the icons from wiggling.
      • Press the home button again to close the list of icons across the bottom of the screen.
    • Restart LDS Tools and attempt to download again.
  • Stuck on the Setup screen: tapping Directory, Callings, etc. does nothing. This occurs when the download fails to identify your home ward or branch. This may occur if there was an incomplete download. (This sometimes happens if you have a slow or poor Internet connection). Try downloading again. If the problem does not go away, you may need to delete the app from you device, then re install it.

Issues in 1.0.7

Major Auth Issue in 1.0.7 - The alert that pops up saying that there is a problem with your LDS Account is wrong. We've discovered that there is a bug in the application that causes this error to come up when a unit in your stake doesn't have any members associated with it. This might be caused by a new unit that has recently been added to your stake (ward split, etc) or because of a problem in the web service we retrieve information from. Regardless, we've fixed how we handle this scenario in the LDS Tools app and have submitted an update into Apple's approval process. It usually takes up to a week for the updates to be approved and become available in the AppStore. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Issues in 1.0.6

  • In some cases, you may see duplicate entries for callings or see the same person in more than one calling.
  • Users of original iPhones (or newer devices running iOS 3.1.3) can't click to place phone calls
  • Some users are getting an “Authentication failed – 0%” message. The fix: enter your user name and password again, then click "Download" again.
  • For various reasons, the Church's servers sometimes fail to return data when requested. This may be because there is no data available or because of a connection error. When LDS Tools requests data for a ward and gets nothing in return, it previously erroneously halted the download session, assuming the connection had failed. In version 1.0.6, we instead continue with the next ward. Unfortunately, we still return the same error message, so many users may be unaware that all available data has been downloaded.
  • Leaders who are serving in units outside their home stake may not show up in leadership listings. (See This is a bug on the server side, not in LDS Tools.

Issues in 1.0.5

The Church servers that provide information about leadership and callings were broken, and LDS Tools doesn't handle it well. We recommend updating to version 1.0.6 ASAP.

Issues in 1.0.4

Major Bug - When you tap download after entering some credentials, a login cookie from the church website is stored on the device. As soon as this is stored on your iOS device, it is not overwritten under most circumstances. This is the cause of the login or other types of errors every time you attempt to download. We have fixed this bug in 1.0.5, and will be doing major testing Jan 22-25th 2011. We plan on submitting to the App Store on the 25th. So, hopefully it gets approved by the 31st of Jan and available for download. We are doing everything we can to make sure the DB schema can be updated properly and your existing custom edits don't get deleted.

You can get around this major bug, if you remove LDS Tools from your iOS device, reboot your phone, and then re-download it from the App Store. You will loose all your custom edits and pictures you have taken. After you do that, enter your correct credentials or you might keep getting the error if the device caches the wrong cookie. You can check your login details here:

We deeply apologize this has taken us so long to work through and fix. In 1.0.5, we have completely streamlined the download logic, and have made it much more robust. We are just a bunch of community volunteer members that have been working hard to make this application everything it can be.

Issues in 1.0.3

Only released for a week. A few minor bugs.

Issues in 1.0.2

  • 19 Oct 2010 - 1.0.2 has been re-instated to the App Store.
  • 15 Oct 2010 - 1.0.2 has been pulled from the App Store pending a change needing to be made to help ease the burden on the Directory Service
  • 14 Oct 2010 - Update available on the App Store
  • 08 Oct 2010 - Submitted to the App Store

Issues in 1.0.1 (1.0)

  • Some users get login errors even though they use the correct user name and password. Sometimes after a successful login, the app encounters errors while retrieving data, such as unexpected results retrieved from These errors incorrectly show up as login errors. Version 1.0.2 will check for error conditions when retrieving data and attempt to display a more meaningful message. It will also log information on these errors to help resolve them. Fixed in 1.0.2.
  • Application crashes around 93% while downloading data. The application crashes when it encounters names that begin with characters that are not in the English alphabet. If the first or last name of any member of the stake starts with an international character, the application crashes. Fixed in 1.0.2.
  • @ Symbol in addresses. Problems caused when an address has the '@' symbol will be fixed in 1.0.2.
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