LDS Tools support - Android

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues below for quick help to common issues with the LDS Tools application for Android. If you can't find the answer to your problem or if you've found a new bug, please email us at

Frequently asked questions

What is an LDS Account and how do I obtain one?
LDS Account is the main sign-on account for many online LDS Church resources. Most applications produced by the Church will require you to login to the application with your LDS Account. To obtain an LDS Account, visit
Can I see only my ward or branch information?
WIth LDS Tools you can see both your ward and your stake information. By default, the "Directory" view shows your ward or branch but you can easily switch the ward or branch that you wish to see by tapping on ward or branch name at the top of the screen and selecting a different ward or branch.

Known issues

  • There is a known issue with Android 2.3.3 not being able to sync. We are working on a fix but don't yet have a solution. Please be patient as this is a very high priority item for us to fix.

Coming soon

A list of features that are planned or in progress is available at LDS Tools for Android - Known Issues#Suggested_enhancements

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