LDSorg Open Source Tools

To get started, you will soon have two options:

  • If you are interested in contributing templates built with HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, you will soon have a link to go to from here to jump right in. Till then, join the project, and keep an eye on this page and the Google group.
  • For those interested in running the same framework being used by developers, and contributing to such, follow these steps. (These steps do require you to have project and source code access. Please email a project manager for help).
  1. Download MarkLogic ( (These instructions used ML 6, but ML 7 should be similar)
    • go to http://localhost:8001
    • request developer license
    • accept agreement
    • skip host config
    • use admin/admin for user/password
  2. Using Git (make sure you have Git already installed), clone
    • (To get Git access, please email ldsaccount name to a project manager.)
  3. Go to http://localhost:8000
    • choose configuration manager
    • IMPORT - upload the raptr-documentation-config.xml found in .../LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-site-content/ml-config/
    • Click APPLY
  4. GO TO: http://localhost:8001
    • on 9999 appserver change root path to the location of the .../LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-site/src/main/xquery/
    • change "modules" to "file system"
    • also change default user to "admin"
  5. Create symbolic links
    • Inside .../LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-site/src/main/xquery/shared/
    • (Make shared folder if doesn't exist)
    • Using the 4 folders below, use this syntax to build symbolic links
      • windows: mklink /J {folder-name} {path-to-folder}
      • mac: ln -s {path-to-folder} {folder-name}
      1. common (in LDSOpen/shared/common/)
      2. lds-edit (in LDSOpen/shared/lds-edit/)
      3. raptr (in LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-core/src/main/xquery)
      4. fiddlr (in LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-fiddlr/src/main/xquery)
  6. Upload Dummy Content:
    • Create webdav connection to http://localhost:8901
    • copy content from ../LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-site-content/preview/ to your new webdav connection in that same "/preview/" starting folder
  7. Upload site Code:
    • Create webdav connection to http://localhost:8011
    • Make a new folder called "code"
    • In the new folder make a sub folder called "raptr-documentation-preview"
    • copy content from ../LDSOpen/raptr/raptr-site to your new folder "/preview/" starting folder
  8. Make sure there is that the symbolic folder content was copied over. If it wasn't copy that over in to "/code/raptr-documentation-preview/shared/{symbolic links}"
  9. Go to http://localhost:9999/setup.xqy (this will setup the triggers)
  10. Using Chrome:
    • install ModHeader extension
    • and put in header for "policy-cn" equal to "pholder"
  11. go to http://localhost:9999 to see if it worked
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