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LDSMail is an email system for church leaders and volunteers.


In June 2010, the email client for LDSMail switched to a Church-branded Google application. LDSMail runs in a web browser (see, or it can be accessed by other e-mail clients (like Microsoft Outlook) by using POP or IMAP protocols. LDSMail includes a calendar feature and an email group feature (based on Google Groups), which you can use to create mailing lists or discussion forums. LDSMail supports all major mobile and smartphone devices.

Accessing LDSMail

Each stake and district is issued an official e-mail account, which should only be accessed by the unit leader. To log in, the unit leader enters their full e-mail address (for example: and password. Official letters are sent to the e-mail account. Other messages may also be sent to the stake's e-mail address by general authorities, area authorities, mission presidents, temple presidents, regional welfare personnel, and other stake presidents.

Additional information

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