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Leader and Unit Change Request

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MLS 3.0 screen shot

MLS is no longer used to change leaders. Use Leader and Clerk Resources aka LCR. To change a leader in LCR go to the Organizations Menu, Callings by Organization, Select the Unit on top right of page, then expand Bishopric or Branch Presidency, and click edit on Bishop/Branch President, and make changes.

MLS Still allows you to change the Bishop's/Branch President's office phone, Meetinghouse phone, and unit building address. Everything else is moved to Leader and Clerk Resources.

With the release of MLS 3.0, Information Change Request forms are now submitted electronically via MLS. This eliminates the need for paper ICR forms which were sent from the administrative office or printed from the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders.

Submissions are reviewed by Church Headquarters and then posted both to the appropriate organizations in MLS as well as to the Directory.


Example Leader Change in the Stake

This feature is only available on the stake level in MLS, and allows for a stake clerk to submit changes made to bishops or branch presidents within the stake, or changes made to the stake presidency and other stake administration.

Click on the magnifying glass next to the Full Name field. Select a new individual from a list of priesthood holders in the stake.