List of devices (Gospel Library for JavaME)

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Devices it works on

  • Samsung S5230N (Book of Mormon only)
  • Samsung GT-S3350
  • LG GS290
  • LG 800G (Book of Mormon JavaME)
  • LG 800G w/ 4-gig micro-card installed (both Book of Mormon and full Gospel Library JavaME )
  • LG LGC410 (Missionary Phone) (installed via MicroSD card, may work in other ways)
  • Pantech Impact P7000 (Both work. Requires SD card and must be installed via Internet, cannot be side-loaded)
  • Cingular Sony Ericsson z520a (bluetooth, only jar needed)
  • Sony Ericsson 580i
  • Sony Ericsson w580i
  • Sony Ericsson w810
  • Nokia X6 (emulation mode)
  • Nokia N8 (emulation mode)
  • MicroEmulator J2Me Emulator

(from an email)

The methods I've used to install the Feature Phone Gospel Library app are:

1) Bluetooth (the most common), Tracfone LG 420, 430, 440, 620, cingular Sony-Ericsson, AT&T Nokia,

2) USB file transfer, cingular Sony-Ericsson, AT&T Nokia,

3) Wi-fi file transfer, cingular Sony-Ericsson, AT&T Nokia.

Devices it WON'T work on

  • Anything from Verizon
  • A T-Mobile Samsung phone (need model #)
  • So far I can't get a T-Mobile Motorola Renew model W233 to work (no bluetooth) (small chance of working using Web Access, but didn't have data plan to try it) (ojhurst)
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