Local Unit Security Suite

The Local Unit Security Suite (LUSS) consists of LANDesk system management software and virus protection. It is required to be installed on all local unit administrative computers.[1][2]


On 23 January 2012, an updated anti-virus and anti-malware software installer (Sophos 9.5) (150MB) became available on the MLS download site. Clerk machines should automatically receive the update, but Stake Clerks and Technology Specialists should ensure that this new version is installed on local unit Church owned administrative computers.

Prior to 23 January 2012 there were two installation programs for LUSS. The Computer Management Software Installer (LANDesk) was removed from the MLS download site at that time. Units which have LANDesk installed on their administrative computers do not need to remove it currently. A different (transparent) tool has been installed on local unit computers to manage operating system and desktop updates by central Church servers.

See Sophos antivirus for installation on local unit Church administrative computers. To install Sophos on a local unit Church owned administrative computer without an Internet connection, download the installer on an Internet connected computer and save it on a flash drive. Use the flash drive to install it on the Church computers.

Note: The anti-virus/anti-malware software (Sophos) will not update properly for dialup units. You will see a gray shield with a red/white x Dialup Sophos Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware icon.PNG. The Meetinghouse Internet solution is recommended to resolve this issue; see Meetinghouse Internet.

Antivirus software

On 22 December 2009, the official antivirus installer changed from Symantec to Sophos. The Sophos installer was changed to version 9.5 on 23 January 2012.


Main article: Sophos antivirus

The anti-virus component of LUSS is Sophos. It consists of anti-virus software and a software firewall. At startup, and every two hours thereafter, Sophos checks for updated antivirus definitions and automatically downloads updates when needed. These updates are compact enough that even on systems with a dial-up connection, updates can be automatically downloaded in a reasonable length of time.

Scanning and removal procedures

An initial scan and removal process is important to ensure the computer is virus and malware free. Follow the Removing Worms procedures on the Sophos site.


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