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The Login Simulator is a local web proxy that you run in your environment to inject test login credentials into your http sessions as you test your applications. You may configure it in community_logins.xml and configure any test user you need for your application.

Using the simulator

When you initially start up the simulator and navigate to your web page, the proxy presents an admin page showing you all the users that are available to you to use. Pick your user and you will see it appear in the Active Sessions section at bottom. Once you have a desired active user, Click on the Return to<yourapp> link at the top to continue to your application. You are now fully authenticated to your application as the user you selected.

If you would like to change the user on the fly (on a per-request basis), navigate to in another browser tab and select a different user. Make sure you de-select the current user in the Active Sessions section. Then return to your active application tab and reload the page. You are now fully authenticated as the new user and there was no need to restart your application server.

Configuring the simulator

To set up the login simulator:

  • If you need to run offline, add an entry to your system hosts file (e.g., /etc/hosts) pointing the alias to
  • The Login Simulator can be found at the trunk of the calendar subversion project at Sync your subversion project at this level to get the simulator.
  • Unzip the file in a convenient place
  • Make sure your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly.
  • Open a command prompt in the directory where you unzipped the file and run sim.bat or, depending on your environment.
  • Run your application server. Make sure the application context is either /calendar or /directory. Additional apps can be added to the configuration file, community_logins.xml.
  • Point your browser to<yourapp>

You are now running a proxy server on port 80 that will provide the user information your application needs to the running application server.

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