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Beginning with version 2.7, a special version of MLS is available for managing only finances. This version is intended only for Family History Centers who manage their finances separately from the stake.[1]


This version is only to be used by FHCs that manage their own finances (most FHC finances are managed by the stake). Such FHCs will have a CUBS account and will be using REFIS. Since REFIS will not run on some computers, some such FHCs are required to switch to this version of MLS.[2]

In general, even FHCs that manage their own finances are not to use this version unless they have been instructed to. This may occur because the FHC administrative computer can no longer run REFIS (the older financial software used by some FHCs to manage finances). Do not attempt to install this version without authorization.[3]


For help setting up MLS Finance Only in an approved FHC, call 1-800-453-3860 ext. 25476[4].


One clerk who set up the Finance Only version of MLS at a FHC reported the following[5]:

  • Call the Church finance department to order the laser feed cheques, you will need to give them your unit number for the FHC, the cheques might be mailed to your stake president.
  • If your FHC has a CUBS account the ending balance will come from "Other" category on the Unit Financial Statement for the FHC, your stake clerk should be able to provide you with the Statement because they are mailed to the stake president.
  • If you don't have a CUBS account, you will have to talk to the Church unit (ward, stake) that is managing the finances for your FHC.
  • You cannot import REFIS data into MLS. REFIS is old, the Church finance department wants FHC's using REFIS to switch over to the finance only version of MLS.



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