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MLS administration

MLS transmits information to CHQ via the Send/Receive Changes feature. Each transmission session sends information and receives information, which may include messages, software updates, financial information, and membership updates.

Initiating a transmission

The most prominent way to initiate a transmission is to click the Send/Receive Changes link on the main MLS screen. Beginning with MLS 3.1, there is also a Send/Receive Changes button at the bottom right corner of the MLS application window.

But MLS will also prompt you in various other situations to do a Send/Receive:

  • As you exit MLS, if you have not transmitted financial changes such as new checks or donation batches, or if temple recommends have been activated but not transmitted (Stake MLS only), you will be prompted as you log off or exit to transmit.
  • As a donation batch is created, at the last step of the sequential process of creating the batch, a Transmit button is presented to encourage the clerk to transmit the batch right away.

Transmission status

Beginning with MLS 3.1, the transmission occurs in the background; you can continue to work in MLS during the transmission. As various files are transferred, the status of each file is shown at the bottom left corner of the MLS application window.

A more complete status of all the files being transmitted (or those that were sent in the most recent transmission) in the Send/Receive session is available from the Help menu under "Show Send/Receive Status."

Timing of transmissions

Because MLS transmissions are done in the background, as you complete some finance or membership changes that you want to send, there's no need to wait. Just click Send/Receive Changes and continue working on some other task. In addition, even if a transmission is in progress when you complete some additional work that needs to be transmitted, you can simply click Send/Receive again. MLS will prioritize your changes and send them up ahead of the continued download.

If you really need to leave while a transmission is in progress, you can terminate the transmission without creating a problem. Just click Disconnect and log off. The next time you do a Send/Receive, MLS will prioritize any of your changes and do them first, and then resume the download right where it left off.

Days for transmissions

Although wards are expected to transmit donation batch information to the administrative office on Sundays, they sometimes are unable to because of problems on their end or at the administrative office. It is perfectly acceptable to transmit donation batch information later in the week if necessary. During tithing settlement, a donation batch should be created and transmitted on each day tithing settement is held. Changes to membership data may be transmitted on any day of the week.

Transmitted information

The following information may be transmitted:

  • Membership Record updates and requests
  • Financial information such as donation batches, checks, and financial adjustments (Note that since MLS version 2.6, financial adjustments are automatically sent with your next MLS transmission. You no longer need to call or e-mail information about these corrections.)
  • Messages sent through the MLS messaging system
  • Temple Recommend activation (Stake MLS only)
  • Calling information (from Ward MLS to Stake MLS via CHQ)

The following information may be received:

  • Membership Record updates that may come from any of the following:
    • Requests for membership records initiated by the new or former ward
    • Updates because of membership record changes, ordinances, etc.
    • Temple ordinance information initiated by a temple
    • Mission information initiated by the Missionary Department
  • Financial information such as cleared checks, monthly financial statements, financial adjustments (including returned checks, deposit adjustments, and check category adjustments)
  • Messages received from the MLS messaging system
  • Temple recommend activations done elsewhere
    • Done by other units, such as missions or CHQ
    • Done online using TES
  • Calling information (from Ward MLS to Stake MLS via CHQ)
  • MLS Software updates
    • New MLS versions
    • Updated country/state/province lists
    • Updated temple lists
    • Updated language lists

Connection options

MLS has the ability to connect with Church servers by modem or over the Internet. The connection method is specified in MLS through System Options > System, where the connection may be specified as:

  • Use Modem: MLS will use the internal or external modem
  • Use Internet: MLS will use an available Internet connection
  • Auto Detect: MLS will test for the availability of an Internet connection and use it if available; if not, it will use the modem

Troubleshooting connection problems

If you are having any problems with transmissions, see the detailed instructions for troubleshooting MLS transmission problems.

Modem connections

Modem speed is something the modems negotiate based on their testing of the phone line connection. If the speed is less than expected, it is good to look at anything on the same phone line as the computer, as well as any questionable/cheap phone wiring involved.

Beyond that, it's all about the quality of the phone service in the area. Typically phone companies haven't been sympathetic to reports of low connection speeds, but will respond to complaints of static, hum or other noise on the line.

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