MLS Version 3.5 Release Notification

MLS Version 3.5

The Member and Leader Services (MLS) software has been updated. Version 3.5 will be downloaded to your unit's computer in the next few weeks. Since the MLS 3.5 upgrade process may take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to complete, please allow for extra time so you can avoid delays in processing financial transactions. During the upgrade process, your unit needs to do a Send/Receive Changes multiple times. To start, do a Send/Receive Changes to get the MLS 3.5 update. After that, about every 30 minutes do another Send/Receive Changes until your organizations and finance (CUBS units only) menus are unlocked and the upgrade process is completed.

Changes in version 3.5 include several bug fixes and new membership and finance functions. Specific changes are explained in the Release Notes which will be available by clicking on Help, and then Release Notes from the MLS menu bar after the software has been installed.

In an effort to resolve differences between local unit organization names and relationships and the Church Handbook, MLS 3.5 will standardize local unit organization and class names and their relationships. To minimize any impacts on your unit you MUST take the following steps to prepare for the upgrade. Carefully follow each step.

Before Upgrading to MLS 3.5:

  1. Print an Organization Report for “Other Callings." You will need this report to make sure those serving in callings currently listed under Other Callings are correct in MLS 3.5 organizations. To print the list, Click Organizations on the MLS menu bar, then click Other Callings. Click Print in the bottom left corner of the screen to print the report.
  2. Print Primary and Sunday School Organization Reports. All Primary and Sunday School classes will be reset to standard classes as part of the MLS 3.5 upgrade. This means that all split or merged classes will be removed and members assigned to them will be returned to a standard class assignment. Resetting the classes as part of the upgrade is necessary so that in the near future, managing classes and class assignments functionality can be made available through Leader and Clerk Resources on

To print these reports, click Organizations on the MLS menu bar, and then click Primary or Sunday School. Click the Class Members link on the left hand side of the screen. When the class members list appears, make sure All is selected in the “Show” fields. Click the Print button at the bottom of the screen to print the reports.

After Upgrading to MLS 3.5:

  1. Compare the Organization Report for “Other Callings” you printed before upgrading with the “Other Callings” list in MLS 3.5. To review these callings, click Organizations on the MLS menu bar, then click Other Organizations, then click Other Callings. Review the callings under Other Callings and each of the new organizations under Other Organizations to ensure those serving in these callings were kept in Other Callings or moved to one of the new organizations. As you review, please note the following:
    1. Mission Leader and Ward Missionary positions are now in the new Ward Missionaries organization.
    2. Building Representative and Building Scheduler are now in the new Facilities organization.
    3. Family History Consultant is now in the new Family History organization.
    4. Employment Specialist and Welfare Specialist are now in the new Employment and Welfare organization.
    5. Organist or Pianist, Choir Accompanist, Chorister, Music Adviser and Priesthood Music Director are now in the new Music organization.
    6. Athletic Director is now in the new Activities and Sports organization.
    7. Website Administrator is now in the new Technology organization.
  2. Compare each Primary and Sunday School class with the Organization Reports you printed before upgrading and split or merge classes as needed using the instructions below:
    1. Example 1, Splitting Classes: If you had three Sunbeam classes prior to the upgrade, they have all been reset to one standard Sunbeam class after the upgrade. To split them into three Sunbeam classes again, do the following:
      1. Click Organizations on the MLS menu bar, then click Primary.
      2. Click on the Sunbeam class name and rename it in the “Name” field, then click Save. In this example, it will be renamed to Sunbeam A.
      3. Click the Split link next the Sunbeam A class and enter the name of the split class, in this example, it will be named Sunbeam B.
      4. Select the class members that should be assigned to this new class.
      5. Click Next then click Close to save.
      6. Follow steps three through five to split the Sunbeam A class again and create and assign class members to the Sunbeam C class.
    2. Example two, Merging Classes: If the Valiant 8 and 9 classes were merged together prior to the upgrade, you can merge them again by doing the following:
      1. Click the Merge link next to the Valiant 8 class.
      2. Select the class to merge with, Valiant 9 in this example.
      3. Enter the name for the merged class: Valiant 8 and 9 for this example.
      4. Click Save.
  3. Assign teachers to the correct classes as needed.

If you experience any problems with this new version, please provide feedback by e-mail to In the e-mail subject line type: MLS 3.5 feedback. In the e-mail message, give specific details of any issues you find. Current MLS training and support and related content can be found on the Record-Keeping and Technology Support pages on at You can visit this site to find answers to your questions and for information when future updates to MLS occur.

Thank you for your patience in completing this important process to upgrade to MLS 3.5.

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