MLS export language dependencies

The MLS export documentation describes only the export files generated by the English version of MLS. Clerks and developers interested in working with export files in other languages will need to be aware of the specific language dependencies of the MLS export feature.

Wiki collaborators can add the corresponding strings from other languages to these tables. In doing so, it is important to document the exact string that actually occurs in the MLS export files for the particular language, which is best accomplished by empirical analysis.

Master spreadsheet

The spreadsheet contains several languages, and will be updated as MLS changes and as contributors document additional languages. The spreadsheet documents for each language the following sets of data, each on a separate tab:

  • Filenames: The name of each CSV and vCard file that is exported
  • Column names: The names that appear in the column headers for each CSV file:
    • Membership.csv
    • Organization.csv
    • WardOrganization.csv
    • HomeTeaching.csv
    • VisitingTeaching.csv
  • TextLiterals: The text strings that appear in the data rows of the various CSV files

Instructions for adding additional languages are included in a separate tab of the spreadsheet.


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