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MLS finance

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MLS finance

Recording financial transactions is one of the main purposes of MLS. MLS finance provides guidance regarding this capability.

Donor records

Main article: Donor records (MLS)

The system will allow users to create four different types of donors.

  1. Member of unit
  2. Member of another unit
  3. Another unit
  4. Not a member/Miscellaneous

In some cases you may receive donations from a new member of your unit for whom you do not yet have a membership record. In this case, create the donor as a "member of unit"; when the records arrive, update the donor record to be properly linked to the membership record.

Financial maintenance

Main article: MLS financial cleanup

It is helpful to clean up information in MLS periodically. Some cleanup needs to be performed before year end, because MLS will not allow some information to be deleted until it has been unused for the entire record retention period.