MLS membership

MLS membership

Maintenance of membership records is one of the main purposes of MLS. MLS membership provides guidance regarding this capability.

Record maintenance

Main article: Updating membership records (MLS)

Clerks and members have a sacred and important responsibility to make sure ordinances and other information are accurately recorded on the permanent records of the Church.

Even though an ordinance has been approved by those with the proper keys and performed by the proper authority, it is not valid unless it is properly recorded.

A membership record must be accurate and complete if it is to be of the greatest value to priesthood leaders.

All members, including clerks, home teachers, and ward leaders, have responsibilities to help make sure records are correct.


Main article: Membership audit

The MLS membership audit leads you through a step-by-step process to review priesthood ordinations, baptisms, marriages, error correction, MLS user rights, training lessons, and a final checklist of miscellaneous issues.

Temple recommends

Main article: Temple recommends (MLS)

Beginning in 2006 and continuing through 2007 and 2008, selected temples began using bar-coded temple recommends. Stakes in these temple districts have the responsibility to activate temple recommends. Activation of temple recommends is accomplished using MLS.

Once the recommends have been activated, you must transmit these activations. On the main MLS menu, click Send/Receive Changes. Do not delay this action. If you do not transmit the changes to the administrative office, the recommend information will not be sent to the temple. A member could then be delayed at the temple while a member of the temple presidency or temple recorder calls the member's priesthood leader to make sure the recommend is valid.
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