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Printing mailing labels from MLS reduces the labor involved in mass mailings. The mailing label feature allows access to the mailing address fields associated with a household (as opposed to the residential address fields).

Printing labels from MLS

Beginning with MLS 2.8, mailing labels can be printed from a wide variety of lists in MLS. Simply navigate to a list and then select Print Mailing Labels from the File menu. This menu option will be disabled if the option is not available.

Some examples of lists that support the labels feature are:

  • Any class or organization list (Primary, Relief Society, Single Adults, Young Women, Priesthood, Sunday School)
  • Any leadership organization (Bishopric, High Council)
  • Payees
  • Donors
  • Donor statements (including tax-valid statements)
  • Ward directory
  • Seminary and Institute lists
  • Members Moved In Report
  • Action and Interview List
  • Custom reports

Mailing label options

The Print Mailing Labels feature pops up a window that contains all the people who were included in the list, with several options.


Each entry on the mailing labels screen has a check box, so that each label can be included in or excluded from the mailing list. There are Select All and Clear All buttons at the bottom of the screen to enable easy setting or clearing of all the check boxes at once.

Use uppercase

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