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Mailing labels

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Printing mailing labels from MLS reduces the labor involved in mass mailings. The mailing label feature allows access to the mailing address fields associated with a household (as opposed to the residential address fields).

Printing labels from MLS

Beginning with MLS 2.8, mailing labels can be printed from a wide variety of lists in MLS. Simply navigate to a list and then select Print Mailing Labels from the File menu. This menu option will be disabled if the option is not available.

Some examples of lists that support the labels feature are:

  • Any class or organization list (Primary, Relief Society, Single Adults, Young Women, Priesthood, Sunday School)
  • Any leadership organization (Bishopric, High Council)
  • Payees
  • Donors
  • Donor statements (including tax-valid statements)
  • Ward directory
  • Seminary and Institute lists
  • Members Moved In Report
  • Action and Interview List
  • Custom reports

Mailing label options

The Print Mailing Labels feature pops up a window that contains all the people who were included in the list, with several options.


Each entry on the mailing labels screen has a check box, so that each label can be included in or excluded from the mailing list. There are Select All and Clear All buttons at the bottom of the screen to enable easy setting or clearing of all the check boxes at once.

Use uppercase

In general, names should be entered in MLS in mixed case. However, the US Postal Service recommends that names and addresses on mailing labels be printed in all uppercase. This is easily accomplished by checking the "Use Uppercase" check box in the upper right corner of the mailing labels screen.

Show head of household

For lists that include individual members, the mailing labels screen will have an additional option labeled "Show Head of Household." Selecting this option causes the head of the household to be shown, rather than the individual members. This also has the effect of collapsing the list to include only one label per household, where the original list may have contained multiple members of a single household.

This option may be helpful, for example, if the Primary president wanted to send a mailing to the parents of all the children enrolled in Primary. To do this, navigate to the Primary Organization, select Class Members, then do File > Print Mailing Labels, and then check "Show Head of Household."

Note that selecting this option on the Add/Update Donors screen hides donors who are members that have moved from the unit, because head of household information is not available locally for members of other units.

Exporting mailing labels

Household membership records have two addresses. They have a Residential Address, as well as an optional Mailing Address. When mailing labels are generated from membership records, they will use the Mailing Address if it has been specified; otherwise they will use the Residential Address.

The collection of Mailing Addresses associated with membership records can only be accessed within MLS by using the Print Mailing Labels feature (or by doing the full export of the Membership information using File > Export).

In some situations it is helpful to have the mailing addresses in an electronic format. To get this list, do the following:

  • Go into any desired list in MLS that supports mailing labels.
  • Do File > Print Mailing Labels.
  • Do Ctrl+Shift+S to save it to a CSV file.
  • Or do Ctrl+Shift+C and then paste the result into a spreadsheet. Once you have it in a spreadsheet, you can of course manipulate it, merge it, or print it however you want.

Label requirements

Labels printed from MLS require label stock that has three labels across and ten down (30 to a page).