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The ward clerk is responsible for ordering materials and supplies for the ward and coordinating all orders, purchases, and expenditures with the bishop. This may be delegated to an assistant clerk. Most of these items can be ordered through the Church's Distribution Services website.

Types of materials and supplies

Annual curriculum materials

  • This needs to be completed by September 15th each year
  • An order form can be downloaded here
  • This order typically consumes a large portion of the yearly budget and should be thoroughly reviewed by the bishop
  • Procedures (Following these steps will save you time and can save the ward money.)
  1. Inventory materials and supplies (don't forget auxiliary closets and library).
  2. Under the bishop's guidance, distribute the appropriate sections of the printed order form to the various quorum and auxiliary leaders. (Consider providing these organizations with invoices from the previous year or a list of what they ordered the previous year.)
  3. Collect the completed form from each organization listing the materials each organization desires.
  4. Review the completed forms and inventory with the bishop.
  5. Log on to the catalog website using your unit number and Church-provided password.
  6. Enter the approved items for each organization on the final order form.
  7. Distribute materials to each organization when the order arrives.

Religious supplies

  • Ordinance Forms
    • Many of the forms can now be generated by MLS but not all
    • Make sure that an ample supply of forms not available in MLS is kept on hand
  • Coordinate with the bishop when ordering:
    • envelopes (letters and donations)
    • stationery
    • donation slips
    • sacrament cups
    • recommend books
    • etc.
  • To order envelopes or stationery, you'll need to call Distribution Services, send in the form included with each order of these items or order on-line through LDS Online Store under Unit Materials at the bottom of the page.
  • A list of no-charge items is available on the Distribution Services website.

General office supplies

These supplies are also called Office/Activity supplies.

  • They may be purchased on an "as needed" basis throughout the year.
  • Typically, the biggest needs are copier/printer paper and toner cartridges
    • Toner and drums for copiers under the new Photocopier Purchase Program should be purchased through Copier Administration.
  • These items should normally be ordered online through the Distribution Services website
    • Corporate Express is the current "LDS Authorized Supplier"
    • Click the Units tab, then select Order Office/Activities Supplies.


Each of the following suggestions should be considered for all the types of materials and supplies listed above.

  • Use caution that you do not over order.
  • Save a copy of each order form and combine with the packing slip when order arrives.
  • Give the invoice to the financial clerk, including invoices with a zero dollar total, for the unit's records. Use this information in future years to keep from over- or under-ordering.
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