Monthly Report

A Monthly Report is mirror copy of the Quarterly Report used for planning by bishoprics and auxiliary leaders on a monthly basis, but is not created by MLS. The report should be created outside MLS as changing the last Quarterly Report will send a "correction" to the proper priesthood authorities. A correction to the Quarterly Report should be sent only for the month of the Quarterly Report.

As the time required to obtain the necessary information may be lengthy, the bishop should always be consulted before implementing such a practice. The bishop may decide that only a portion of the items are necessary to track monthly.

Additional options

Since the Monthly Report should reside outside MLS, a ward clerk or his assistant have a few more options available to help analyze the data. A few suggestions are below.

  • Create charts for each of the major statistics for more visual appeal (see below for samples)
  • Create a multi-year analysis to uncover cyclical anomalies (e.g. sacrament meeting attendence is always low in August)
  • Identify correlations between one major statistic and another such as sacrament meeting attendence versus the number of current temple recommend holders (e.g. as the number of current temple recommend holders increases the sacrament meeting attendence increases)

Sample files

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