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This project recreates the functionality of the iPhone Mormon Channel application on the BlackBerry platform.

The wide range of BlackBerry devices includes extremely capable handsets, that comprise a huge market share. With newer models offering WIFI connections as well as 3G and GPRS connections, this project has extremely interesting avenues.

Target BlackBerry devices

The target BlackBerry OS is version 4.3.0 and above. This will enable support for at least the following handset models:

  • BlackBerry Pearl
  • BlackBerry Curve
  • BlackBerry Storm


The following video shows you the current work that is being done on the Mormon Channel running on the Blackberry devices.

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Current stage of development

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 is now available! Download one of the following options:

  • Zip file to be used with BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    1. Download zip file -
    2. Extract the contents - BBLdsRadio.alx and BBLdsRadio.cod
    3. Using Desktop Manager, select Application Loader->Add/Remove Applications->Start, then Browse, select the BBLdsRadio.alx file you extracted in previous step, click Next, then Finish.

Please report bugs in our Jira issue tracking system found at

Reporting Issues

To report issues, please log bugs in our Jira issue tracking database. If you are unable to log in to Jira, follow the instructions found on our Requirements for Participation wiki page. Happy testing!

Development is now completed for the following:

  • Web integration with the Mormon Channel RESTful Web Services
  • Audio Media Streaming (note that is not universally supported on all target handsets)
  • Persistant preferences - stored on the device (language, location settings, recently viewed, favourites etc.)
  • UI and Usability improvements
  • Radio and mp3 screens (Scriptures, Conferences, Magazines) should play over WiFi if "Cellular Network" is set to "Off" in Preferences screen. Please test!


To review bugs that have been reported with the production version see the Mormon Channel for BlackBerry support page. For help send an e-mail to

Future development

  • Implement "buffer size" feature (see Preferences screen) - currently not used for playing mp3 files.
  • Improve media player screens (i.e. show length and current position of mp3, allow rewind/forward, go back to beginning, etc.)
  • Allow "next" and "previous" in Scriptures/Conferences/Magazines ... i.e. select 1 Ne 3... "next" would go to 1 Ne 4, "previous" to 1 Ne 2, etc.
  • Add more language features - Spanish and Portuguese coming soon...
  • Fix any errors that show up from user testing


Send feedback to Jimmy or Nathan.

UI Design

This video shows the basic design we would like the Mormon Channel to follow.

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Want to participate?

Currently the development team is rather small and would certainly benefit from more eyes on the code!. Anyone interested in getting started on the project should visit the Mormon Channel BlackBerry Application - Getting Started wiki page where you should be able to find all the instructions you need to get started.

Once you've got yourself set up, head over to the Mormon Channel BlackBerry Application - TODO wiki page to see where things are, and what things needs coding!

Even if you don't happen to own a BlackBerry, then you can still participate in coding, debugging, and testing the application.

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