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Project Inactive

This project has been inactivated while the Church determines what next steps to take with this application.

Mormon Channel Project Index edit

The Mormon Channel for Windows Phone application is a streaming radio player that plays the Mormon Channel content. In addition this application streams Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazine content, General Conference reports, and LDS Scripture content.

The Mormon Channel for Windows Phone application is made up of the following software components:

  • Mormon Channel Application - this is the actual radio application.
  • webservices - The Mormon Channel application communicates with web services which deliver content. These web services tell the application which audio streams are available. These web services are hosted on the Church's web site and are built in PHP.

Windows Phone projects

Windows Phone Projects


Version 1 of the application is currently being developed.


For help send an e-mail to

Building and contributing to the Mormon Channel for Windows Phone Application Project

Development environment

The source code is in subversion. Required tools for development include:

  • Visual Studio 2010 (Express is fine -- and free!)
  • Windows Phone 7 SDK
  • NUnit

About the streams

All of the audio streams are mp3 streams delivered via HTTP.

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