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The Mormon Channel iPhone application is a streaming radio player that plays the Mormon Channel content. In addition this application will stream Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazine content, General Conference reports, and LDS Scripture content.

This video will allow you to see the application in use.

Get Adobe Flash player Here are some early screen shots of the application.
Mormon Channel Streaming Browsing magazine content Listening to magazine content
The view while listening to the Mormon Channel. The view while browsing magazine content to listen to. The view while listening to a magazine article.

The Mormon Channel iPhone application is made up of the following software components:

  • radio - this is the main Xcode project for the actual radio application. You can browse the source code at
  • webservices - The Mormon Channel iPhone application communicates with some web services which deliver content. These web services tell the application which streams are available. These web services are hosted on the Church's web site and are built in PHP.


The application is currently in production.


To view bugs that have been reported visit the support page. For help send an e-mail to

Building and Contributing to the Mormon Channel iPhone Application Project


You will need to meet the following requirements in order to download and build and contribute to the Mormon Channel iPhone application project.

  • Please follow ALL of the instructions and requirements found on Requirements for Participation wiki page.
  • You must have registered as an iPhone developer in the iPhone Developer's program with Apple. You can learn more about the program at
  • You must have Apple's Xcode version 3.1 or later installed on your computer.
  • You must have Subversion installed on your computer. You can get the latest version of Subversion here.

Getting the Source Code and Building the Project

To build the Mormon Channel iPhone Application, follow these instructions once you have Subversion and Xcode properly installed.

  1. Check out the source code from the LDSTech Subversion repository.
    • Create a folder where you want to perform your work.
    • Switch to that folder and check out the code: Example: "svn co .". When asked for your username/password, enter in your LDS Account user name and password. Please enter your LDS Account user name in all lower case characters.
  2. Launch Xcode and open the project within the radio folder called "MormonRadio.xcodeproj". This is the actual iPhone application. This project has two targets, "MormonRadio" - this target is for building the software for the iPhone simulator. "MormonRadio - Device" - this target is for building the application for the actual iPhone device. To develop on the device, you may have to change the bundle ID and code signing identity within each target's project settings to your own ID's setup within your developer's portal page.
  3. Check the Mormon Channel Jira project for open items and issues that you can help with. In order to access Jira, you will need to contact Tom Welch and tell him your LDSAccount username so that he can add you to the Jira project. Please mention which project you are interested in helping with.

About the Streams

All of the streams are mp3 streams delivered via HTTP.

Current Needs

Visit the Mormon Channel Jira project for a complete list of unresolved open items.

  • We need individuals who can help QA the project, find and fix bugs, memory leaks, and crashes.

Features Wish List

Do you have ideas on how to make the application better? Let us know by adding them here or contacting Tom Welch.

  • Add a "search" capability to search for content. This is currently being developed. The first phase will provide search by author and title.
  • Add the ability to view the text of what you are listening to.
    • A potential shortcut to implement this is to just provide a shortcut in the listening view that launches Safari with the article with the matching content
  • Allow for the pause button to "resume" where you left off.
  • Audio should continue playing while checking out other buttons/settings in the app, until the app is closed or another station is selected. This feature is currently in v2 beta testing.
  • Offline mode - save content for later listening when not connected to wifi or cell network.
  • More pictures!
    • How about showing picture of the general authority speaking, particularly for general conference talks?
  • Similar to playing iPod audio, it would be nice if when a phone call is received, the stream is paused, and automatically resumes when the call ends
  • More control over playback.
    • Skip forward ability. (Handy for if you want to come back to something you already started listening to.)
    • Skip back ability. (Handy if you missed something or want to listen to something a second time.)
    • Or...even better would be a youtube style playback line. You could click at the point on the stream you wanted to listen to.
  • Ability to continue playing through streams sequentially. Currently, I can't sit in my car to listen to 1st Nephi for the duration of my commute. I would have to listen to chapter 1, go back, select chapter 2, press play, etc. Perhaps this could be an application setting, or perhaps a checkbox on the listening view to specify if it should auto-proceed to the next sequential stream.
  • Add the ability to view the You-Tube videos from the Mormon Messages Channel inside the application.

Bugs fixed in upcoming release

  • When listening to content other than the Mormon Channel, when the iPhone locks, it continues to play (as it should). It did not do that when listening to the radio channel. This has been fixed and will be in the next push of the application.
  • The application sometimes shuts down when switching between different views. This has been fixed and will be in the next push of the application.
  • The streaming of all content has been greatly simplified and should be much more stable.


How do I suggest new features or report bugs?  
Simply go to the Jira project and add a new issue or add it to the Features Wish List section above.
If I have questions about the source code or the project, whom should I contact? 
Contact Tom Welch for questions about the project.
Can I use this source code for other unrelated projects? 
The radio and web services source code is copyrighted by the Church and / or other parties. You must seek permission before using any of this code. The ffmpeg and mms libraries are open source and free to use and modify according to their accompanying licenses.
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