New Member Report

The New Member Report lists details about members of the Church confirmed within the last 24 months and whose membership records are assigned to a unit. The Bishop should discuss this information in Priesthood Executive Committee and Ward Council meetings. They should also discuss this information when meeting with the stake president or the ward mission leader. The ward mission leader should follow up to make sure the information is current and accurate.


To help leaders keep informed about the progress of new members and support and strengthen them.

It is important that the bishop, the ward mission leader, the ward clerk, and other ward leaders help each new member transition from the care and fellowship of the missionaries to the care and fellowship of the ward members. This transition begins before baptism when the bishop asks a ward member to accompany the missionaries and fellowship the investigator.


The New Member Report was recently changed so that the columns recording sacrament meeting attendance and new member lessons have been eliminated. There also used to be a bishop's confidential version which included tithing payment and endowment information. This has also been eliminated. The recording of sacrament meeting attendance is now in the Quarterly Report.

  • The report includes information for members confirmed within the last 24 months, instead of only the last 12 months.
  • The 'Callings' column has been expanded to include responsibilities.

Responsibilities to care for new members

The bishop should:

  • Oversee the work with new members in the ward.
  • Make sure that male converts are ordained to the priesthood.
  • Make sure that each new member is given a calling or responsibility.

The ward mission leader should:

  • Work closely with the bishop in directing the effort to strengthen new members in the ward.
  • Make sure that each new member:
    • Receives lessons after baptism
    • And is encouraged to attend sacrament meetings.
  • Ensure that the New Member Report is reviewed regularly in priesthood executive committee and ward council meetings.

The ward clerk should:

  • Update MLS with the following information for new members:
  • Prepare and print the New Member Report for bishopric, priesthood executive committee, and ward council meetings.
  • Keep the bishopric informed of any short- or long-term progress goals that are missed.

Priesthood quorum and group leaders should:

  • assign diligent and effective home teachers.

Relief Society leaders:

  • assign diligent and effective visiting teachers to new sisters.

Each member of the priesthood executive committee and the ward council should:

  • Fulfil assignments to care for and fellowship new members.
  • Make a special effort to welcome and support new members.

Updating the report

The following fields are updated automatically from the membership records.

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Confirmed
  • Priesthood (if applicable)
  • Home Teachers (if previously assigned by the elders quorum or high priests group)
  • Responsibility or calling

Using the New Member Report

Under the direction of the bishop, the ward mission leader sees that the report is reviewed regularly in priesthood executive committee and ward council meetings. Leaders should use the information to plan how to help new members successfully make the transition into the Church and progress toward the temple.

See also

  • Additional instructions on using the MLS version of the New Member Report on under Serving in the Church > Melchizedek Priesthood > Record-Keeping and Auditing Training > Caring for New Members. (This is temporarily offline until it is updated.)
  • Additional guidelines on ministering to new members are found in Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 5.2.
  • Letter from the First Presidency on "Progress of New Members," dated February 11, 2005.
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