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Temporary membership record

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MLS membership

Temporary membership records are created for people whose names need to be on the ward lists, but are not members of the ward. A temporary record will have your unit number (or part of your unit number) included in the record number. For example, if your unit number is 333444, a temporary record might be numbered 0333444-9999. A record number format of xxxxxx-xxxx also indicates a temporary record.

There are three kinds of temporary membership records:

  • Out of unit records
  • Nonmember records
  • Temporary records

Temporary records are stored in the local MLS database, but are not sent to CHQ.

Out of unit records

When members are called to a serve in a unit outside of the boundaries where they live there is a need to create an Out of Unit record for them in MLS.

Examples of when to create the record

  • Priesthood leaders in young single adult and student units.
  • Missionaries that are serving in leadership callings in smaller branches.
  • Members assigned to correctional facility or care center units.

Creating the record

  1. Have the member bring a copy of their IOS so the information can be put in accurately and completely.
  2. From the main screen in MLS, click on the Membership Records link.
  3. Under the heading Create Records click Create Out of Unit Member Record
  4. Fill in the form with all the information from the IOS.
  5. Click Close, then click Save.

Note: In order to be added to a leadership position in MLS, priesthood ordinance information must be recorded on the record.

Connection to MLS user names

Once the Out of Unit record is created, the record can be linked to a user name in MLS without having to occupy an out-of-unit administrator slot. This will allow the stake clerk or another stake administrator to occupy the slot.

Limitation on out of unit spouses

As of MLS 2.9.2, it is not possible to create two out of unit members that are married to each other. One option is to create an out of unit record for the husband and a temporary record for the wife:

  1. Create the out of unit record for the husband, specifying him as head of household, and manually entering all the information for his wife in his Current Spouse section.
  2. In the Individual Record for the husband, click on the Current Spouse tab.
  3. Click the Add Spouse to Household link to add a temporary record for the wife to the system and the household.

This will create a temporary record for the wife, and allow the married couple to show in the household list with both names.

Nonmember records

Create a nonmember record only when the nonmember is related to a member of your ward and you have the permission of the nonmember. For example, you could create a record for a nonmember spouse or parent of a member. Creating a nonmember record in MLS does not create a record at the administrative office, so if the household moves to a different ward, the nonmember record will need to be created again in the new ward.

Information on nonmember records will not print on organization lists and rolls, unless the nonmember is explicitly added to the organization, because the organization profiles do not include nonmembers. Nonmembers will print on family type reports such as the directory of members, the telephone directory, and so forth.[1]

Nonmember spouse

Main article: Nonmember spouse

Creating a record for a nonmember spouse should be done carefully so that the spouse is properly linked into the household.

Linked record

Main article: Linked record

Some nonmembers who are referenced on a members record (such as parents or spouse) may have a linked record, which will have a membership record number that is indistinguishable from a regular record number (it will not contain the unit ID number in the record number).

Blessing of a child

A temporary record is created when a child is blessed and the blessing is recorded in MLS. This is done via Membership Records > Record Child Blessing. After the information is entered and saved, two things will occur:

  • A request for a membership record will be queued up to be sent to CHQ on the next Send/Receive.
  • A temporary record will be created for the child, so that the child will show up immediately on all appropriate ward lists.

Once the real record has been created by CHQ and transmitted to the ward, the temporary record will be deleted.

Removing temporary records

To remove a temporary record in MLS, go to Membership Records > View and Update > Other Record Changes. There you can choose:

  • Remove Out of Unit Member
  • Remove Nonmember
  • Remove Temporary Records

This last option allows you to remove any of the three types of temporary records.

To remove a temporary record:

  1. From the MLS Membership Records panel click More.
  2. From the View and Update panel click More.
  3. From the Other Record Changes panel, click Remove Temporary Records.
  4. Select the member’s name and click OK. This removes the temporary record from MLS.


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