Overview of accessibility projects

There is a general need to improve accessibility across all of our technology projects. However, in order to organize our efforts we will be identifying specific projects to help coordinate our efforts. Some of these projects may include a specific task across a number of pages or a more detailed overview of a specific section of the site.

Accessibility of Development Tools

Project Manager Needed It is important to ensure that the tools we are using to manage the accessibility project are accessibility. This project will evaluate the accessibility of the website, including the wiki and the JIRA project.

All Development Tools issues can be found here.

Alt Text on Images for

Project Manager: Needed

There are thousands of images on and many of them have alt text. This project will systematically evaluate the alt text of different sections of page by page. Where alt text is missing or incorrect, we will provide suggestions for fixing it.

Review the Alternative Text for Images for basic information on alt text.

All Alternative Text issues can be found here.

Accessibility of

Project Manager: Needed

A full accessibility review of the Scriptures section of according to the WCAG 2.0 AA Guidelines.

All Scriptures issues can be found here.

Color Contrast on

Project Manager: Needed

Color contrast on a page is very important for many users to be able to read content.

Review the Color Contrast page for basic information on color contrast.

All Color Contrast issues can be found here.

Other Ideas

If you have an idea for another project, please send your idea to Christopher.

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