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Personal Video Conferencing training

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This page contains links to training regarding the use of Personal Video Conferencing.

Create an Account

To create a PVC account, go to the PVC home page. Click on "Request an Account" at the bottom of the page.

PVC request acct screen.jpg

On the next page, enter your LDS Account credentials. If you do not have an LDS Account, click on "Register for an LDS Account."

If you hold one of the authorized leadership positions or are a member of the LDS workforce, you will be automatically authorized. You will see a welcome page, and then return to the PVC home page.

At this point, re-enter your LDS Account credentials. The first time you log in, the system will begin a short download of the Vidyo Desktop Client. Follow the prompts through installation. Enter your credentials one last time, and you're ready to use the system.

How to use Personal Video Conferencing

The vendor who provides the software for PVC (Vidyo) has created some very good online training and documentation. Click here to access this training.

In addition, please see the Church-produced training videos, and the question/answer section on this site.

Instructional Screencasts

Church-produced training videos:

Training videos from the vendor (Vidyo):

Advanced Features

Click here to view the vendor-supplied user manual.

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How Can I Have a Good Call?

Click on Equipment Setup for important information on the proper equipment setup to ensure the best call experience.

Here are some other keys to a successful call:

  • Always use a wired connection instead of wireless if possible
  • Plug your PC into power to maximize CPU performance
  • Test your Internet connection speed (click on “Speed Test” at
  • Use a webcam for the best quality picture
  • Use a Chat 50 or USB headset for best audio results
  • Do not use built-in microphone & speakers on laptop
  • Set up equipment in advance and make test call before major meetings
  • In a group call, mute your microphone when not speaking if you have background noise (meeting room owner can also mute participants)
  • Turn on video self-view to be aware of how you are presented to others

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How To Invite a Guest

There are situations where PVC users will want to invite other participants who do not have a PVC account to a meeting. Examples of this include:

  • Church employees who want to meet with external vendors, suppliers, or job candidates
  • A bishop who would like to hold a ward council with ward priesthood and auxiliary leaders who do not have a PVC account
  • Online classroom situation where the instructor would like to interact with remote students

In each scenario, at least one person (typically the meeting organizer) needs to have a PVC account, but the other participants can join as guests without being signed up for a PVC account.

There is a small cost that is incurred by Church HQ when inviting guests to participate in a call. This is a one-time license charge associated with the installation of the software. It is truly one-time; even if the user re-installs the software again later on (newer version or after upgrading their operating system), the charge does not reoccur. Please use this feature wisely when deciding who you will include in a call.

Details on inviting guests to a PVC call:

  • Every PVC user has a personal meeting room that other participants can join into. Each user is assigned a unique link, or URL, for the meeting room.
  • To access, log onto
  • Click on Control Meeting (top of screen), then Room Links.
  • If you don't see a full link under Link To My Room, click on Create New to generate one.
  • Click on Copy Link. You will see a small notice on the screen informing you that the link was copied to the clipboard.
  • If you would like an extra level of security for the meeting (keep in mind that PVC meeting rooms are open and anyone can join), enter a Room PIN and click Save.
  • Create an email in whatever email client you use, addressing it to the meeting participants.
  • Paste the meeting room link into the email and send. If you entered a PIN, include it in the email.

When the guest meeting participants receive the link, they will do the following:

  • Ensure that they have the proper equipment setup in advance (this is a very important step - if ignored, your meeting is likely to be less successful) - click here for details.
  • Click on the meeting room link in the email.
  • When they come to the PVC log-in page, they will have the choice of logging in as a guest, or as a registered user. In this case, they will just enter their name as a guest. The system does not check to see if they are a registered user; it just accepts whatever name they type in.
  • They will be prompted to download the software (this is where the cost to the Church comes in).
  • They will then enter directly into the meeting organizer's PVC meeting room (they may be asked to enter their guest name one additional time after installing the software).