PlayBook Gospel Library

Gospel Library on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Gospel Library is now available directly through BlackBerry's App World!

BlackBerry has recently launched an Android Runtime that allows Android applications to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS with little or no modification. This allows us to quickly bring the Church's applications to the PlayBook platform.

If for some reason you don't want to get the application through the BlackBerry App World, you can side-load the application directly onto your PlayBook.

Side-loading apps to your PlayBook is a bit of an involved process and there is always a risk that you mess up your PlayBook. If you are comfortable with this kind of task then go ahead and proceed, otherwise you might want to contact a geeky friend or wait for the application to get approved for App World.

You can download PlayBook version of Gospel Library directly via this link.

How to side-load apps onto a BlackBerry PlayBook

General steps:

  1. Ensure PlayBook OS is up to date
  2. Setup Side-Loading

Things needed:

  1. BlackBerry Desktop Software
  2. Java Runtime Env (JRE) – for Windows
  3. DDPB installer – for Windows

Ensure PlayBook OS is up to date

Updating your PlayBook to OS 2.0 is simply and easy. You can find the directions on BlackBerry's website

Setup Side-Loading

The PlayBook needs to be run in "Development Mode" and it will have to have a password set. Rather than recreating the process flow (including screenshots) here, please link to this Crackberry article: How To: Sideload Android apps on PlayBook OS v2.0 for use with the Android App Player.

Another site has also created good video tutorials on the process.

How to load Android Apps on the Blackberry Playbook

Trouble Shooting DDPB Installer and Copying Android Apps to your Playbook

Sideloading "installs" the app and as described will only work for Windows systems. It uses a Java Runtime Environment and a third party program called DDPB (PlayBook Apps Installer).

Once your PlayBook and PC are setup for side-loading you will need the actual Gospel Library application to install. You can download that here.

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