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MLS membership

It is important to record the life events for all individuals within the unit boundaries. These events are not recorded as ordinances in MLS, but they still fall under the responsibilities of the ward clerk to be recorded on the membership record.



New children born into the unit should be recorded on Church records. Children that are blessed in fast and testimony meeting, have the blessing recorded by the clerk and the certificate printed for the family. It is not necessary to have a child blessing to create a new child of record. This can be done for older children under 8 years of age at the request of the parents.

Born in the covenant (BIC)

If the parents of a child were sealed to one another in the temple before the child was born, the child is "born in the covenant." If so, the clerk will record the child as BIC when he creates the record for the child. In the "Sealed to Parents" section, click Born in Covenant.


The bishop should verify that all legal requirements have been completed before adoptions are recorded. Do not send legal documents to the administrative office.

  • If the adopted child has a membership record: Update the child's record by showing child and parent names as they should appear, according to the adoption documents. Use the option View and Update—Individual Record.
  • If the adopted child does not have a membership record: With the consent of both adoptive parents, create a membership record for the child listing the adoptive parents as their parents, as shown on the adoption documents. Use the option Create Records—New Child of Record.

Full-time missions

Outside the United States and Canada, record full-time missions on the membership record as soon as possible after the member is set apart. Record only one full-time mission. This will usually be the member’s first mission, but members may choose which full-time mission or Church-service calling they would like recorded.

In the United States and Canada, do not record missions. The Missionary Department will add the mission to the member's record after he or she has been in the mission field for two months.[1]

Civil and common law marriages

All legal marriages that are performed in the unit, should be recorded by the clerk. If the records of individuals are moved into the unit and the marriage date is missing, the legal documents must be produced in order to properly record the marriage. This is done on the individual record for the member in MLS. In a few cases, common law marriages may exist, in which case leaders should contact the administrative office for more information.


The marriages of members that end in divorce or an annulment should be recorded in MLS. Make sure all legal requirements have been met before proceeding. Do not record legal separations on the membership record.


Deaths of members in the unit are to be recorded on the individual record for the member in MLS. The information must be verified by obtaining legal information documenting the death (i.e. death certificate, obituary, etc.).

Responsibility for recording events

While the clerk is responsible for recording these events, the assistance of all members in the unit is vital to keeping the records accurate. Home and visiting teachers are crucial in this respect, and need to be reminded on occasion that major events in the lives of those that they visit need to be passed on to their priesthood leaders, who will inform the clerks of any events that need to be recorded.

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