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Producing and completing reports is a responsibility often assigned to clerks. Reports can be prepared inside and outside MLS.

MLS reports

Some of the reports that a clerk will normally work on are:

MLS can be used to produce and complete reports. It also features options to help produce custom reports.

Reports prepared outside MLS

Any of reports mentioned above can be exported to a .csv file. This enables a clerk to manipulate the data into complex reports or graphs. A good example of this would be for statistical records and reporting.

For instructions on exporting reports, see Export (MLS).

Sorting reports

Most reports can be sequenced in various ways by clicking on column headers. The first time you click on a column header, the information is sorted alphabetically or numerically depending on the kind of data the column contains. If you click on the same column header again, the information is sorted in the reverse order. You can sort on multiple columns by clicking on column headers in reverse order; for example, you can sort by last name then first name by clicking on the "first name" column header and then on the "last name" column header.

You can also change column widths by placing the mouse pointer between column headers, clicking and holding, and then dragging the line left or right.

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