Requests for membership information

The Church has developed policies that determine what membership information can be released to which priesthood leaders.

Requests by phone

Certain priesthood leaders can request information by phone from the administrative office:

  • Membership information is provided for ecclesiastical purposes only. Please note that membership information is to help ecclesiastical leaders be more effective in their callings and is not given to leaders to serve as a member contact service.
  • Priesthood leaders who request membership information about a member whose record is not in the leader’s ward or stake are referred to the member’s current priesthood leader.

If the member record resides in the priesthood leader's unit, the membership information is available in Member and Leader Services (MLS). Local leaders should not call the administrative office for this membership information unless it is not available in MLS.

Requests using MLS

An assistant clerk or ward clerk can obtain membership information by sending a message from MLS because the sender can be verified.

Requests by email

Requests for membership information sent from a personal e-mail account (regardless of who the sender is) are not acceptable because the sender cannot be verified.

Moving records

Main article: Moving membership records

Membership records are not moved when the request is made by telephone. Clerks and priesthood leaders must use MLS to move membership records.

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