Retention of financial documents (UK)

The following table sets out the number of years financial documents should be retained by Church units in the UK & Ireland.

Documents Copy Location Period
Donation Slip White Ward/Stake 2 years
Yellow Member n/a
Cheque Stubs Original Ward/Stake 7 years
Invoices / Receipts
(other supporting documents)
Original Ward/Stake 7 years
Paying-in Slips / Deposit Books Stamped by Bank Ward/Stake 7 years
Weekly Financial Reports
(Batch Reports)
Yellow Ward/Stake 2 years
Monthly Financial Reports White Ward/Stake 2 years
Donation Statements White Member 7 years
Unit Detail Donations Report White Ward/Stake 7 years
Annual Tithing &
Donation Status Report
White Ward/Stake 2 years

NOTE: These periods are full/complete years in addition to the current year.

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