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This is the list of available ClientLib4J revisions and the feature changes that lead to each. The full version name is CD-OESv1-X.Y. The first portion, CD-OESv1, indicates what version of the REST interface the API talks to for fine-grained permissions. The X.Y portion is the real revision indicator and matches the numbers listed below. The parenthesized date is not part of the version but indicates the date on which what version became available.

  • 1.28 (2010.12.17)
    • Add support for RFC-2047 Encoded headers so that headers obtained through IPolicyClient are automatically decoded.
    • Updated to 2010.12 CDOL constants jar.
    • General cleanup and addition of unit tests.
  • 1.27 (2010.11.11)
    • Mostly unit testing changes.
  • 1.25/1.26 (2010.11.05)
    • Refactored parsing of the policy-assignments header so that when a cdol position identifier comes through that is not found in the version of the cdol-contant's PositionType class being used a null value will not result. In such a scenario the value of Assignment.getPosition() will now return a value of PositionType.UNKNOWN rather than null as was occurring previous to this change. As for the positionId included in the header, it will always be available from now on via a new getter getPositionId() whether or not getPosition() returns the UNKNOWN type or some other value. Only when UNKNOWN is returned will the value of Assignment.getPositionId() be different from Assignment.getPosition().getPositionTypeId(). For the UNKNOWN position getPositionTypeId() returns zero.
  • 1.23 (2010.10.05)
    • Added rest exerciser tool (Rex) for exercising the arePermitted rest endpoint in a multi-threaded manner. This change has no effect on clientlib itself but seemed to be the appropriate place to house the tool since it leverages clientlib itself to hit the rest service.
  • 1.22 (2010.09.30)
    • Added real release of underlying TCP connections after release of connection objects to the HttpClient connection manager.
  • 1.21 (2010.09.30)
    • Accidentally skipped version number.
  • 1.20 (2010.09.03)
    • Enhanced init-param processing to throw exception is init-param is specified that is not supported.
    • Removed old openSSO command line utilities for testing the REST interface.
  • 1.19 (2010.09.02)
    • Enhanced session caching offering so useSessionPolicyCaching init-param and spring setter support
      • true or force (the default) to force creation of HttpSession objects on inbound requests
      • false to not use any session caching
      • optional (this is new) which caches on the session if it is available at inbound request time or, if not available, caches temporarily during filter chain processing and then pushes into the session if it was created by the application.
  • 1.18 (2010.08.30)
    • Added fix to remove log file info messages from HttpClient classes when getResponseBodyAsString() is called.
  • 1.17 (2010.08.30)
    • Added more rigorous closing of connections to the rest service as a potential solution to exhaustion of sockets in consuming applications under load.
  • 1.16 (2010.08.11)
    • Made PolicyClientAccessor subclass-able so that consuming applications can inject mock IPolicyClient instances for unit tests that obtain IPolicyClient via WebApplicationPolicyClient.getIPolicyClient(). Subclassing and overriding the setClient() method allows for injection of a mock.
  • 1.15 (2010.08.05)
    • restored erroneously commented out method in IPolicyClient interface and added unit test for disabling of fine grained permissions.
  • 1.14 (2010.07.28)
    • updated to use latest cdol constants jar, added unit test to verify, and fixed theading sensitive unit test.
  • 1.13 (2010.07.27)
    • added support for disabling fine grained permissions allowing use of clientlib to parse headers but without needing a rest service
    • removed use of policy-domain from clientlib since the rest service pointed to by policy-service-url header will be bound to only a single policy-domain and client applications need not know in which policy-domain their policies are stored.
    • deprecated IPolicyClient methods that take a policy-domain
    • deprecated methods using policy-domain on ResourceAction class and internally removed all use of policy-domain
  • 1.12 (2010.06.24)
    • Added logging of session purging and why when logging is set to FINE.
  • 1.11 (2010.06.22)
    • Changed http session purging to use ldsAccountId rather than the value of the OAM cookie, obssocookie, since its value changes throughout the sso session.
  • 1.10 (2010.06.21)
    • Supports both old and new versions of the URL format for the Rest interface by looking for the macro "{version}" in the policy-service-url header value and if seen replaces it with "1.0". If not seen then it appends the "1" that it previously did.
    • Added an IPolicyClient method of getPolicyAttribute(String) allowing for access to other policy headers that may not yet have been added to the PolicyHeader enumeration.
  • 1.9 (2010.06.14)
    • Uses the new URL format for the Rest interface expecting a policy-service-url having an embedded macro of "{version}" which it replaces with the Rest version currently 1.0.
  • 1.8 (2010.05.28)
    • updated to simulator 5.9 for unit tests.

Started maintaining revision info for clientlib at the end of May. Info for previous releases is not shown.

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