Scripture Mastery Android Roadmap

Scripture Mastery for Android Index edit

The Scripture Mastery for Android project is versioned according to Semantic Versioning guidelines.

Version 0.1.0-beta

Version 0.2.0-beta

  • Redesign the Dashboard.
  • Integrate SwitchCompat for "Text/Hint" toggles.
  • Create on Out-of-box experience using Showcase View. Include the ability to skip the OOBE or to re-enable the OOBE from the settings.
  • Release version 0.2.0-beta.

Version 0.3.0-beta

  • Redesign the Scripture and Count selection activities.
  • Integrate StickyListHeaders for the High Score activity.
  • Redesign the Memorize activity.
  • Release version 0.3.0-beta.

Version 0.4.0-beta

  • Integrate HoloEverywhere & HoloEverywhere Preferences.
  • Use UnifiedPreference to simplify the code.
  • Consider image minification and code optimization options. Use apktool to see what resources may be unintentionally included in the apk file.
  • Release version 0.4.0-beta.

Version 0.5.0-rc (Release Candidate)

  • Polish according to feedback.
  • Release a release candidate, version 0.5.0-rc.

Version 1.0.0-final

  • Release a public stable release, version 1.0.0-final.
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