Scripture Mastery iOS

(Project Status as of Sept 1, 2013) iOS Scripture Master App Team Members,

Hello everyone. We are reactivating the less active scripture master iOS app. There are new scriptures and new languages to support. What follows is a draft of the plan and at list of what has been done so far.

Planned Releases:

(Version 2.2.0) - Update the app with the new scriptures for the three languages currently supported. (No Code Changes Here, just text files)

(Version 2.2.1) - Update the graphics to look like the new scripture master website background, colors, etc. (Small code changes may be needed)

(Version 2.2.2) - Add three of the new languages, most likely French, Dutch, and Italian. (Small code changes may be needed)

(Version 2.2.3 - Version 2.2.x) - The following releases will add the other languages which I think include Japanese, Korean, and two others. (Because of the differences here this may take several code changes. I just don't know yet)

What Has Been Done:

I had a wonderful meeting with Justin Lether, Cody Loveland, and Andrew Corbin at the church office building on Tuesday. Thanks to them for what to keep the app.

I have created a new branch in the LDS Tech Net Repository for version 2.2

I switched the project back to a public state from inactive (Less Active).

Communication Plan:

I will try and send out an email at least once a week with the current status.

I will also may send email asking for help updating text files, or testing the app.

Please email me back with questions, etc.

Chad Ward

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