Signature card

The signature card tells the bank who is authorized to sign checks for your stake, ward, or branch.

Authorized signers

Ward leaders authorized to sign Church checks generally include the following:

Stake leaders authorized to sign Church checks generally include the following:

Custom positions will not display on the signature card, so change any custom positions to default positions in the Organizations section of MLS before printing the signature card.

Printing the signature card

The signature card for the unit's bank account can be printed from MLS.

  1. From MLS, select Reports/Forms; the option for Signature Card will be listed under the Forms/Certificates heading. (Alternate method: From the Finances menu, select Finance Reports, then Signature Card.)
  2. The form is populated with the applicable unit leaders, including their names, positions, and phone numbers (assuming that they have been assigned the correct standard callings). These values may be edited before the signature card is printed.
  3. Print the signature card.
  4. Obtain signatures for all leaders listed on the card. There are only six spaces on the signature card. Do not add more. All signers need to sign the signature card every time the signature card is submitted.
  5. Mail the signature card (the printed card contains mailing instructions).


  • The current signature card replaces the old signature card.
  • The signers are authorized to sign checks the day the signature card is put in the mail.
  • If you have a local bank account, you may need to update the signature card for that account (even though you don't write checks on that account).
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