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A stake clerk is called to lighten the administrative burden of the stake presidency in order to free them to perform tasks only they can perform. When a stake presidency is reorganized, the stake clerk need not be released, but should serve sufficient time to learn his duty and magnify his calling. The Church-produced training session The Role of the Stake Clerk   provides an overview of the duties and responsibilities of the stake clerk.


A stake clerk has four main areas of responsibility.


  • Train new ward clerks and assistant stake clerks within 30 days of when they are called.
  • Train clerks when new record-keeping programs are introduced.
  • Train a clerk when he asks for help.
  • Train clerks when a financial or membership audit indicates that there is a problem.
  • Train ward clerks and quorum and group secretaries in stake priesthood leadership meetings.


Record keeper

  • Keep accurate and up-to-date records on each member of the stake.
    • Track Melchizedek Priesthood ordinations (Wards and branches prepare certificates for stake signature). The stake clerk can now submit the ordinations and print the certificate. It is easier for him to obtain the stake president's signature.
  • Keep accurate financial records of all receipts and expenses.
  • Oversee transfer of ward records, accounts, and correspondence when a bishop is released or a ward is created or discontinued.
  • Keep accurate statistical records, and submit Quarterly Reports properly.
  • Keep minutes of stake leadership meetings and other meetings as requested by the stake president.
    • Help stake president record information for stake disciplinary councils.
  • Prepare an annual stake history, and submit it to the administrative office.

Problem solver

  • Make clerks aware of sources of information that will help them solve problems.
  • Contact the administrative office for solutions when necessary.
  • Make sure clerks take the Record-Keeping and Auditing Training lessons.

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  • Stake clerks should have access to a copy of Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops.
  • Stake clerks should have access to the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL). Access to these resources can be arranged by the stake president.
  • The stake clerk and stake technology specialist (as specified in MLS) will receive e-mail communications (assuming they have entered their correct individual e-mail address in the Directory on, such as notifications of new releases of MLS.
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