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The statistical clerk is an assistant ward clerk whose primary function is to generate statistical reports. Although the ward clerk is responsible to keep statistical records, in some wards this responsibility is delegated to an assistant clerk sometimes referred to as a statistical clerk. However, there is no official statistical clerk calling designated in Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops.


The responsibilities of the clerk assigned to prepare statistical reports include:

  • Make sure statistical reports are provided to bishop, stake, and Church Administrative Office (In Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops, these are called member participation reports).
  • Complete and submit the Quarterly Report in MLS to the Church Administrative Office by the 15th of each month after the end of the quarter.
    • Note that this report is automatically sent to CHQ by MLS whether you have completed entering the information or not.
    • The statistics used on the Quarterly Report should come from the last month of the quarter, not from the entire quarter.
    • Sacrament meeting attendance is the average actual headcount in attendance during the last month of the quarter. Note that the sacrament meeting attendance percentage is calculated differently than other attendance numbers.
    • For all other attendance numbers, the individual is counted as attending if they attend once or more during the month, or if he or she has other Church responsibilities that may prevent attendance (e.g., a stake president is counted as attending priesthood meeting, and a Primary president is counted as attending Relief Society)
    • Prepare monthly activity and attendance statistics for use by the bishopric. Do not update the Quarterly Report information in MLS to create these monthly reports. However, you may want to print a blank Quarterly Report and enter the current month's data by hand. To do so follow these steps:
  1. From the Reports/Forms panel on the Main MLS screen click More.
  2. Click Print Blank Quarterly Report.
  • Print attendance rolls for every organization at the start of each quarter (monthly on request).
    • Provide other statistical reports to the bishop and stake on request.
    • Ensure attendance, home teaching, visiting teaching are kept and recorded in MLS where appropriate.
    • Count the actual attendance at sacrament meeting each week.
      • Compute the average attendance for each month
      • Provide this information to the bishop
      • For the last month of each calendar quarter, enter this information on the Quarterly Report in MLS.
  • Assist in gathering statistics such as:
    • Attendance and rolls (quorum and auxiliary Sunday meetings, etc.)
    • Home teaching
    • Visiting teaching
    • New Member Report (replaced the old Convert Retention report)
  • Review the temple recommend book monthly.
    • Ensure all recommend expiration dates are recorded in MLS. (This information is created automatically at the stake level when temple recommends with bar codes are scanned.)
    • Verify that living ordinances have been recorded by the temple. If this has not happened within a month or so, check with the bishop.

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