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If a child is dead when delivered, the child is considered stillborn. Do not create a regular membership record for a stillborn child. Do the following:  

  1. Log on to MLS.
  2. On the Membership Records menu, click More.
  3. On the View and Update menu, click More.
  4. Under Other Record Changes, click Special Requests.
  5. From the list, choose the record of the head of household (must be a parent of the child). Click OK.
  6. Type the following information:
    • That this is to create a linked record for a stillborn child
    • Name of the stillborn child
    • Sex of the child
    • Date the child was delivered
  7. Click Close.

After the change is made at the administrative office and your ward receives updates, the child should appear as a linked record on both parents' records. No individual record will be created for the child. No temple work is needed.