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Our Stake has had a Stake Financial Audit Committee fully formed since Spring of last year, but this committee does not show up on CDOL. We recently received a letter from Elder Brent Nielsen, as follows:

"Would you please contact the Stake President and ask him for a commitment date for getting his audit committee...recorded in CDOL?"

How do we record our audit committee on CDOL? It shows up correctly in our Stake directory at I've looked over CDOL and I see no way to record a Stake audit committee - or even a way to pull a stake audit committee up - on CDOL. Any help you could give would be deeply appreciated.

Mark Boud San Clemente Stake 949 842-3853

You record your audit committee on CDOL by entering standard callings in Stake MLS. In Organizations > Other Callings > Auditing, you add people to the positions of Stake Audit Committee Chairman and Stake Audit Committee Member. There is no way for you to enter callings directly in CDOL; you can only enter them in MLS (at least at this point; you'll have options to do so in Leader and Clerk Resources on at some point in the future).
The thing that is odd about what you are reporting is that you are saying that the audit committee "shows up correctly in our Stake directory at" By that, do you mean that on the Directory on, you choose Stake Information from the units dropdown, then choose Stake Leaders and Organizations, then Auditing, and you see the positions of Stake Audit Committee Chairman and Stake Audit Committee Member on the right hand side? If that's what you're seeing, then that could only be because your audit committee is already in CDOL (but there may be other problems -- read on). If that's not what you're seeing, then you need to recheck how those callings are entered in MLS.
You should also check CDOL. To do that, sign in to Find your stake organization (search for it by name or unit number). Then you should see a "Show all positions" link just under the stake name. Click that, and you should see all the organizations in the stake, which should include one called "Auditing". If everything is correct, expanding that organization should show the audit committee positions. Make sure they appear in black text (indicating a standard calling). If they appear in orange text, then they were entered as custom callings (and they might appear in an organization other than Auditing). Custom callings confer no permissions to LUFAS, so they are practically useless. And they would be invisible to Elder Nielson, who is surely only looking for standard callings. Make sure you use only standard callings in MLS for these callings. -- Aebrown (talk) 01:49, 8 October 2014 (MDT)