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Donor made error on check

I am the Ward clerk and just received word that one of our members overpaid his tithing. I was working on the tithing this week and can verify the amount recorded and deposited at the bank. The problem is that this individual wrote a check for the entire amount of his paycheck and not the 10% he intended to write the check for. The deposit was made and the totals from tithing were balanced. Apparently when the check cleared it became obvious to the donor that a mistake was made.

How can I refund the difference in the check that should has been paid for $265.00 and amount that was processed for $2650.00?

I know I will need to adjust the batch to correct the totals, but I do not know how or from what account the difference of $2385.00 needs to be cut to correct the error that the donor made.

Which account or line item does that cover?

It is urgent that I refund the money as there are household expenses that need to be paid by this individual.

There was no error in the clerks office as both the check and the donation slip indicated the amount that was deposited for $2650.00 That was the mistake of the donor who did not catch it when he filled out both his check and the tithing slip. -- Paulnathancuthbert 21:01, 14 March 2012 (UTC)

It's much better to ask such questions in the LDSTech Forum. But in this particular case, I think you're going to have to call Local Unit Support. There's no account you can write a check from to make a correction for the Tithing category. In general donations are not refundable, so you'll need authorization (and assistance) from Church headquarters to fix this. -- Aebrown 21:19, 14 March 2012 (UTC)
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